Gone are the days when students used to get bored with the long lectures of instructors and usual reading sessions keeping their eyes glued to the books. There is no doubt that learning a foreign language like French is a smart move and shrewd investment, but teachers should try and mix up things. They should find innovative strategies to fill the class time. However, many times they struggle or fail to do so, leading to boredom of learners in class.

We're about to change things up! In this article, we have come up with some interesting but trustworthy activities that educators can use to make French language course in Kolkata lively and productive.

Why the need for interesting French learning activities?

There are captivating reasons to make French language classroom activities varied.

First, if the classes are boring it will lead to lack of stimulation and motivation among learners which will not help in developing their French language skills in the core areas. They may emphasize excessively on reading and listening, but not enough on accent or oral communication.

Mixing up things, incorporating fun elements or adding variety is ideal for making learning invigorating and lively! Whether it's in the learning materials, books, topics or training method, innovation or variety improves the creativity of the learners and stimulates their interest to a great extent.

Moreover, it also challenges them which are vital to the learning process. The other side of the coin is that self-satisfaction impedes or throttles progress. Routine schedules and exercises only give arise to disillusion or false confidence which is detrimental to progress.

How to introduce exciting elements into French classes?

Instructors of French language course in Kolkata should leave no stone unturned to ensure learners have a great time studying.

1. One fabulous way to do this is to introduce novel activities and to transform the arrangement of schedules, training content or classes or present them differently to make them more interesting and challenging for learners. Teachers can observe that learners are actually doing well and surpassing their own expectations. Well, all this is due to innovation teachers have brought about in their teaching approach or methodology.
2. Another effective way to make classes stimulating and keep students motivated is introducing music, video, audio, film clips, and others in French language. It will not only deliver a unique learning experience but also add fun elements to the core learning modules.
3. Next comes acting the context. This is a fabulous activity for learners because it facilitates them to demonstrate their creative prowess and explore diverse ways to convey their thoughts through oral communication.
4. Integrating games and fun elements into learning has become popular and one of them is tongue twisters. This will enable learners to practice French accent while having fun! Tongue twisters are recreational activity that makes use of words that learners don't always anticipate of using in an exuberant manner.
5. At last, but not the least comes technology. Yes, we are talking about engaging students in a technology-based creativity. It is a simple yet challenging assignment where students will get the opportunity to create a website in a team of three or four. Students will have to visualize the company of their dreams, and then develop a corporate official that states company's mission statement, features, product or service description and contact information and others in French language and use of a single word in English is strictly prohibited!!!

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Laxmon Gope is the author of this article on French language course in Kolkata. He is a foreign language trainer and part-time online blogger and contributed to several informative posts on websites. He is also passionate about landscape photography.