Constipation, irritable bowel movements hamper the quality of a day to day life in an individual. A clear stomach, proper digestion of food and clear bowel movements literally reflect on the face of the individual. Acne and zits are common repercussions of improper digestion of food and troubles in clearing the bowel movements of an individual. So the next time when you see a pimple here and there, you must concentrate on what is going wrong inside.

Well, acne may not hamper the quality of the day to day life of the individual but there are instances where improper digestion has an adverse effect on an individual. Improper and poor digestion leads to Gastrointestinal Disorders in an individual.

Finding an effective solution to the daily nuisance

The Gastrointestinal Disorders directly or indirectly affect the other organs of our body. It is like the digestive system that dictates the state and condition of an individual. Happy is the individual who has an up and properly functioning Digestive System. Ayurvedic Science has the perfect diagnosis and treatments for the digestive system gone wrong.

Ayurveda long ago has successfully resolved the mysteries to the proper digestion of food. From choosing the correct combinations of food to the timing of the consumption of food, Ayurveda has solved the puzzle.

Treating the disorders just like our grandmothers suggested

Ayurveda Doctors in Delhi treats patients with Ayurvedic Remedies that complain of Gastrointestinal Disorders. The Ayurvedic doctor is likely to develop a therapy that studies the lifestyle of the patient in order to reverse the concerning effect of the digestive disorder. The doctor’s plan may include constitutional treatment to address the lifestyle of the patient and directly treating the affected part of the digestive tract of the body.

The digestive disorders occur due to simple mistakes one makes regularly while consuming their meals. The ayurvedic doctor goes on to rectify those mistakes and in the process aiding in the direct treatment. Some of the common mistakes that lead to poor digestion in an individual are:
• Eating cold food is considered harmful, one should always consume warm food.
• Gulping down the food does not help in digestion, instead, food should be thoroughly chewed to aid in proper digestion.
• The largest meal should be taken when the sun is up high in the sky not at any other time of the day. It is only during the noon that the digestive system is optimally functioning.
• Giving the body rest after the completion of a meal allows the system to process digestion.
These are a few common mistakes one makes when it comes to consuming food.

To conclude, the ayurvedic doctor rectifies the constitutional habits of the patients to successfully treat the disorder. He or she might introduce you to different Ayurvedic meal plans or diet like Kapha, Pitta and Vata diets. The Vata diet helps in relieving cramps, constipation, pain, anxiety. On the other hand, Pitta diet helps in relieving acidity, joint pains, ulcers, itching, fever as well as infection.

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