There is no denying that anxiety exists in society. Many people experience a nervousness that affects their daily life, and some experience profound anxietyanxiety that affects them from focusing on living a good life, and keeps them from reaching their own personal and spiritual goals.
These people often turn to things like medicine and therapy to reduce that anxiety. But many research studies have shown that the one thing you really need is God, and that trust in Him has the potential to free you from living with anxiety.

What Causes Anxiety?
To discover why God has such powerful benefits for those suffering from anxiety, one only need look at the reasons that people experience anxiety in the first place. By understanding these causes, one can then see what effect God has for those that have embraced Him and live their lives for Him.

Examples of anxiety causes include:

• Fear
Perhaps the most common reason that people experience anxiety is fear. Sometimes it is a very specific fear, like concerns over finances or stress at work. Other times it is a less specific fear, such as someone that is concerned about the future of their health, or whether or not they have made good decisions in life. Fear can affect people in powerful ways, and that same fear can lead to anxiety.

• Lack of Coping
Everyone – even those that believe with all their heart in God – experiences some degree of stress regularly. If someone cuts you off on the freeway with your kids in the car, chances are you become a little concerned that the person may have put your children in danger. But most people are able to recover from that stress with their own coping/relaxation abilities. Those that are without these coping strategies may experience stress buildup.

• Change
People also experience anxiety with change. Most people are used to their routines. But when there is a move, or a child has moved out of the home, or a parent has passed away, etc., the individual experience some degree of anxiety over the change, and may not be able to adequately recover from that anxiousness.

• Loss of Control
Anxiety is common with those that feel they are losing control of their own life. After a layoff, for example, the person may experience fear over the future, unsure what to do about themselves or where to turn. Human beings like to be able to experience some level of control of their surroundings, and without it, these people may struggle to find a way to stay calm.

God and Anxiety

Anxiety is caused by problems that stem from personal issues, like the belief that one has lost control. But the more you give your heart to God, the more it's clear that God himself is the provider of the solutions that you need to reduce that anxiety and live a life of calmness and clarity.

God effects every aspect of anxiety, including:

• Fear – When you trust completely in God's plan and know that He is there to help guide you to the right path, there is no reason to fear. When you trust in God with all your heart you are without sin and you are without worry. There is no reason to fear, because He will put you on the right path and lead you to everlasting happiness.

• Coping Problems – One of the primary reasons that people have coping problems are because they focus on themselves or turn to people that are unable to help. However those that trust in God also know that they can turn to Him whenever they're stressed, and He is always there to answer. God has the ability to help anyone cope with their problems, because God loves you and is always there for you, no matter what is causing your stress.

• Change – Everything in life is within God's plan, so if you trust in your heart that you were meant to experience those changes in life, then you are unlikely to experience the stress and anxiety that change often causes. You live according to the life He gives you, and that strength allows you to cope with any change.

• Loss of Control – True faith in God requires the ability to handle a "loss of control" because the truth is that you are not the one in control. Those that have true faith put their trust in God and what His plan is. Trust that plan, and you will always have the strength to move forward.

God is clearly a powerful force, and true belief – belief where you give your heart to Him and know that He will guide you on the right path – is easily the best way to relieve that anxiety and find a calmness that you may never have experienced before. Trusting in God can help you with all of your anxiety attacks and keep you calm even in times of outside stress.

There is no truer coping mechanism than true belief. If you experience anxiety, focus on your faith, and watch as the power of true belief shows you the way.

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Ryan Rivera has focused his attention on learning more about faith and anxiety, as well as how to give people the relaxation tools they need to move forward. He writes more about what anxiety is at