Are you reading your favorite blog, Facebook post, or anywhere online? The chances are that you will likely stumble on new words that are entirely new and not familiar. If you are a chrome user, then better for you! This is because it provides you with a Google dictionary extension that will help you with the meaning of hard words.

It is essential to use the Google dictionary extension as it is a faster method once installed in your browser. When you have the Google dictionary chrome extension on your chrome, you have no time to waste looking for words manually. If you do not have the chrome browser, there is a need to download and install it as it comes with many advantages. You will not have to open a new tab while navigating to the online dictionary. That means it is an easy-to-use extension.

The Google dictionary extension shows the definition of a word every time you double clicks on it. But it only supports a monolinguals dictionary that means it explains a hard in a simple way, not translated to another language. It is easy to get the definition of your hard word using those Google dictionary extensions.

What do you need to do to hack this? All you need to do is install the chrome extension and click on the hard word. As simple as that, the definition will pop-up on a small bubble. If you want to know the meaning of other words, you can view the complete description of any term or phrase via the address bar.

Here is how to use the Google dictionary extension

First of all, you need to have the chrome browser on your device. Then, you follow these steps in finding out the definitions of the complicated words on your blog or any other online material.

.Visit the dictionary extension by Google.
.Install the Google dictionary extension on your chrome browser
.As you browse, there is the likelihood to come across a hard word, double click on it, and know its meaning.
.Alternatively, you can find the meaning of the word by clicking on the address bar.
.You can change the language, pop-up setting on the extension.
.That's it. From now on, Google will become handy to use for you.

Method two

.Highlight and copy the word you need to lookup.
.Ensure to click on the Google dictionary extension's red .icon on the top right-hand side of your browser.
.Paste the word you copied in the search bar that will pop up upon clicking the red icon. You may as well type the word directly in the search tab.
.From there, click define.
.Finally, you will see many definitions of the word you are looking up has a different meaning. You will also see the form in which the word is, whether it is in the noun and adjectival form.


The good thing about the Google dictionary chrome extension is that it makes life easy for you as you surf online. You do not have to keep switching between tabs to get the meaning of a single word. Also, it makes it simple for the writing process as it offers to mean as you continue. The Google dictionary is helpful for both the readers and writers of the content.

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