Sochtek: In our previous post as we discuss about the positive and negative impacts of Google algorithms. The Google time by time changes its search techniques to give best and fair search results. In this post we will talk about Google Panda updates affects on different websites SEO.

Google Panda is a search filter firstly introduced in 2011 to stop sites with poor quality content from working their way to Google's top search results. This was to make lower the rank of low quality sites and thus higher quality websites comes near the top of search engine results. Now question arises, how this change will and affects the website's SEO.

Purpose of Google Panda Search Filter

The Google Panda is launches in order to eliminate low quality content or Spammy content trying to rank in search results. But Google only wants best, unique and useful data and content for its users. That’s why it is eliminating results that are not relevant or not useful because its users have requested it. There are many websites that are affected by the Panda updates.

How Panda search filter affects SEO?

Mainly those website are strongly affected which uses Spammy, low quality and duplicate content just for the sake of SEO Ranking and to stand high in the search engine. Many websites take a lot of content just for them to attract more visitors from the search engines to go to their site and give some impressions and clicks to the ads. Those websites which does not really care about the quality of content as much as the traffic they are getting from it. But these website have to keep in mind that people want real, useful, quality content and Google is just trying to deliver its best to its users that its users deserve.

What type of content should be submit

We should be more careful about the thing that we publish. Make sure that content you publish and submit should be real, unique, original, high quality and useful to the people and users. Do not make articles and blog post to just attract more readers and viewers. Try to look and focus on the important keywords related to your post and website. It’s better to focus on developing good quality content rather than trying to optimize for any particular Google Algorithm. Good quality content basically content means fresh, informative and interesting content.

Search Engine Optimization is not an easy thing which can improve your website ranking. If we provide good and fresh content to the website on regular basis then we don't have to worry about any Google Algorithm Updates. To reach your goal most importantly creates good and unique content that people demands and perform white hat Seo techniques.

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