How harmful are dog fleas for a dog

Every pet lover has heard of dog fleas some time or the other. Dog fleas and ticks are nothing but a nuisance on the dog. They carry host of disease and causes considerable arm to the pet. If you want to get rid of fleas and ticks then read on to find out more information about the same.

Dog fleas related problems

Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD)

Dog fleas cause Flea Allergy Dermatitis (FAD) in pets. In this condition, the dog suffers from severe infection and allergy. The reason for this is some dogs are very allergic to the saliva of fleas and they develop rashes all over the body. They will keep on scratching and itching unless they relief from the itchiness and related irritation. In certain cases, these scratching may increase a lot and the dog may tear off its own skin.

Flea bite anemia

Some dogs may develop fleabite anemia because of dog fleas’ bite. Fleas can suck up blood 15 times their body weight and as a result, if there are too many fleas on a dog then it can suffer from heavy blood loss. Dogs too need red blood cells to carry on with their daily functions. So sever dog fleas infection can cause anemia to dogs and they may become very weak as a result.

Tape worm

Dog fleas can cause tapeworm in pets. There are tapeworms in fleas and when dogs groom themselves, they take in the fleas’ egg and consequently the tapeworm. Tape worm stay in the intestine of the dog and lives on the food taken by dog. As a result, they will absorb all nutrition taken by the dog and the dog will gradually become very weak and suffer from malnutrition. Tapeworms can grow up to several inches in the dog’s intestine while remaining hooked up to the walls of the intestine.

The key to good health is flea prevention and proper natural medication

To prevent the dog from dog fleas and its related problems, flea prevention is the best option. You need to cure fleas by means of using natural products. Along with this, one has to also clean and vacuum the house so that all hidden flea and ticks are killed.

Read on to find the health hazards that a dog faces when contaminated by dog fleas. The right information will always pave the way for prevention and medication.

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