In an age when people discuss the real meaning of truth and authenticity, it is often very difficult to establish what the truth is. We live in a time when it seems that money can buy you what you want, including the ability to dupe the people you are trying to convince to use your products so that you can turn a healthy profit.

While much of the spiritual instruction we hear tells us to live from the heart and follow our passion, regardless of what other people think, the think tanks at the top of the chain are providing us with news, and a version of the truth that will protect their clients and their business profit, whatever the cost to the general public.

We have been sold all sorts of truth in the past that is just coming to light now, and there is no denying that none of what was hidden from us was good for the general public. We have been told that fluoride is good for our teeth, when any amount of research shows this is not true, and that fluoride is in fact bad for our health. We have been sold a story that genetically modified crops will help us to feed more people for less money, when in fact they can make people sick, and they decimate wildlife, and we have no idea how they are going to impact our health in the coming years.

We have also been told that the nuclear industry is a good way to manufacture cheap energy, and yet this has proven to be false on so many occasions and we really have not yet come up with a safe way to dispose of the by-products, so they are buried in the ground and threaten to pollute the earth. We have been vaccinated from birth onwards, even though there is wide scale proof that vaccinations can cause huge health problems in weak immune systems and they introduce toxins into our children like mercury and aluminium.

These are just a hand full of ways that big businesses have spent vast amounts of money to persuade us that we need to buy their products, or use them, or ingest them. There is such a large industry whose sole purpose is to convince us to poison ourselves with their products, or worse still, poison our children so that they can turn a profit.

The pharmaceutical industry, the pesticide and herbicide industry, the nuclear industry, and other industries all cleverly persuade us that they are ethical, have our interests at heart, are good for the environment and so on.

A large part of finding out who you are and what you believe is so that you can develop into the person you were supposed to be. It is all about discovering what your truth is. This is not something that will happen on a weekend course. It is more likely to be a journey of years of self discovery and contemplation. Many people discover on the way that what they used to believe no longer serves them, and they seek a different truth.

It can be very challenging to discover what you really believe when others have very convincingly sold you a story that what they are proposing is safe for you and your loved ones. If they were telling the truth, it would be questionable as to whether they would go to so much effort to tell us that nuclear power is a good idea for example, or that we should vaccinate our children with such large quantities of heavy metals, and this will benefit the child, the family and the community.

When you begin to peel away the cover and start exploring for yourself, you find a growing number of people that can see through the hype and are making decisions for themselves, based on their own ideas about their health, their diet and how they want to live. It is important to look into subjects that are of interest to you and your fellow man, and find out all the facts before you begin to decide what your truth is.

Not all companies lie, or mislead us. If you want to buy organic products for example, ask about the growing process for the food that you are buying or look up the company on the internet. Also, ask yourself questions about what you really think of nuclear fuel, toxins, genetically modified crops, cloning, factory farming and so on, and if they displease you, use your buying power and conscience and take responsibility by choosing wisely.

The world needs us to stand up and be counted and to start living from a place of integrity instead of ignorance and greed. People can only lie to you if you let them, so start making the decisions you make count.

The truth is always changing as we grow and learn. Your Truth is a universal truth that is always concerned with loving yourself, others and the planet, and can be heard more easily as you learn to listen to it. Educate yourself so that you make decisions from a place of informed wisdom, and learn to see through the truth as they paint it for you.

Written by Caroline Nettle.

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