It is believed that those who have lost a substantial amount of money or those who just recently broken a mirror or perhaps a vase are not practicing Feng Shui in their house. This refers to the method of organizing or arranging things around your house or perhaps an office. This includes how you arrange your furniture and fixtures as well. The arrangement balances the energies of life so that those who dwell in that space will have a good luck or good fortune.

The words Feng Shui actually have individual meanings when taken separately. The word Feng means wind while the word Shui means water. In the history of China, the elements water and wind are associated with good health and prosperity. This is why the Chinese believe good Feng Shui brings in good health and fortune while bad Feng Shui does the opposite.

We can can easily understand how Feng Shui can change our lives by just looking at its real meaning. Here are a few tips that you can use so that you can attract good energies in your living space or perhaps in your work station:

The compass and the Ba-Gua are the things used in analyzing. You may have seen an octagonal grid that contains a symbol li Ching. This is actually called Ba-Gua which is an ancient tool of the Chinese. Today however, these is merely used as a home decor. Knowing your home's Ba-Gua lets you understand the different connections between certain Feng Shui points and their effect on your life.

Another great tool used is the mirror. Mirrors are regarded by Chinese as the aspirin of Feng Shui. Properly placing your mirrors in your home shifts the flow of energy and makes it more positive. For example, it is not advisable to put a mirror behind a bed.

Yet another tool is a clock. Contrary to the myth claiming clocks are bad Feng Shui, they are actually good for attracting positive energy.

Nevertheless, you should never put a clock inside your bedroom because it is supposed to be a place where you should relax and the only clock you should be concerned about is your own body clock. One may use a small alarm clock in this room, though, for practical reasons.

One more very popular tool in Feng Shui are natural crystals because of their attributes - bright, transparent, solid and naturally inclidned to draw energy from earth. Quartz, celestite and obsidian are just among the many natural crystals and each brings a different type of good luck or fortune.

If you want, you can pair a ceramic rooster and a crystal. These can bring wealth to your business and can invite good vibes in your home.

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To make good Feng Shui and create a homey, comfortable environment at home, ceramic rooster figurines can be great to have. With a good luck kitchen rooster, it is said you can invite a good flow of positive energy in your personal or business space.