How Health Facilitators saves your money on hospital bills ? and make your stay more comfortable and hassle free Treatment in India?

Today medical treatment has become very expensive. The cost of treatment is mainly depending on type of disease, location of hospital, hospital accreditation, accommodation type and fees of a surgeon. Normally common people are unaware about all these factors. In this case a Health Facilitator plays an important role to reduce the overall cost of treatment.

Health facilitator is very helpful for foreign patients as most of the foreign patients are unable to select best treatment option at a reasonable rate. Many times foreign patients spend extra money as well as experience bad services due to the lack of knowledge. In this situation, Health Facilitator’s guidance is necessary to avoid any kind of inconvenience.

Health facilitator can save your valuable money along with comfortable stay and hassle free treatment in India with the help of proper planning such as:

• Location of the hospital:

The treatment cost is also depending on location of the hospital. Health Facilitator has all information regarding cost of the treatment in at each hospital based on the location. The surgery cost is much higher in urban areas as compared to rural areas. Health Facilitator always selects best and convenient hospital as per the foreign patient’s affordability.

• Accreditations of hospital:

In India most of the corporate hospitals are JCI (Joint Commission International) and NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare) accredited. Treatment cost is also increases as per the hospital accreditations.

Health facilitator always selects NABH (National Accreditation Board for Hospitals and Healthcare) accredited hospital only. There are lots of NABH accredited hospitals in India but health facilitator choose best affordable hospital based on a foreign patient’s disease without compromising quality and services.

• Class of accommodation:

The cost of treatment is also depending on the class of accommodation. It is related to the room types or category for patient during hospital stay. Hospital packages starts with general ward to premium rooms. Class of accommodation is mainly divided in categories ranging from lower to higher class like General ward-Triple sharing- Twin sharing-Single room- Deluxe room- Super deluxe room and finally Suit room.

Accommodation class is based on the hospitals. It varies as per the hospitals. Health Facilitator helps foreign patients to select best accommodation class as per the requirement.

• Selection of Doctor/Surgeon:

Health Facilitator always performs an extensive study regarding the charges of hospital and doctors. India has lots of world class multi specialty hospitals and expert surgeons. The surgery cost varies as per the doctor’s skills and experience. Health facilitator always select best surgeon based on the patient’s disease without compromising quality and service.

• Other crucial factors:

Health Facilitator maintains all the data precisely regarding admission of the foreign patient, so that there is no need for foreign patient to wait for hospital admission after landing in India. Foreign patient gets hospital admission at right time without any hurdles with the help of health facilitator.

After the foreign patient’s admission, only necessary tests are done without wasting time. Unnecessary tests are avoided. Most probably, surgery is performed on next day after the admission. After the surgery, patient is kept under observation for a specific time period. Patient gets discharge only after the complete recovery or at right time.

All these factors matter a lot in saving money of foreign patients. In this entire procedures right from airport pick up to airport drop duplication of services are strictly avoided. In this way, Health Facilitator can help foreign patient to save huge amount of money on the treatment cost.

Health facilitator helps foreign patients in choosing best Hospitals, best surgeons at a very affordable cost. Health facilitator designs the packages as per the patient’s demand and financial conditions. Health Facilitator also gives various options of surgeons and hospitals to the patients looking for the surgery without compromising quality and services. Health Facilitator also keeps watch on hospital bills and keeps their customer out of fraud.

Because of Health Facilitator’s proper planning and execution, patients can save 15% to 20% of cost on the medical bills. In this way, Health facilitator plays a significant role to reduce medical bill amount as much as possible.

Benefits of complimentary services offered to foreign patients by Health Facilitator are:

• Pick up and drop from international airport with dedicated concierge service
• Dedicated attendant and relationship manager during the stay (includes pre and post treatment)
• Assistance in the procurement of local cellular phone, local transportation and shopping
• Assistance in the foreign currency exchange
• Assistance in ticketing and visa processing
• Processing all required legal formalities
• Assistance in choosing guest room for post operative patients for their comfortable stay with Wi-Fi (internet) and kitchen facilities
• Language interpretation facilities
• Assistance in sightseeing, travelling and shopping
• Post operative services after the discharge of a patient through phone, emails and other modern media

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