Health is like wealth. Many people dream of being rich. They fantasize about what they would do if they won the lottery. Some people might even have ideas about how they could get rich. They know it is possible. They might even personally know someone who is very financially well off.

Then there are those that don't only dream of being rich but have a plan to attain wealth. They know they need to be consistent and work their plan. They understand that attaining wealth takes time and patience. They don't just dream about it. They are actually doing something about it.

Getting healthy is very similar. Many people remember when they were younger and full of energy. They were at their ideal weight; they didn't hardly ever get sick or have to take any prescription drugs. But now they are in their forties and this is when life catches up to you if not sooner. They don't play any more sports like they did when they were in high school or college. They got busy with life, marriage, work, kids eating out, not making time to take care of self.

They think about getting healthy but it's easier to just keep doing the same thing. Besides taking prescription drugs is easy and it seems to keep the high blood pressure or diabetes or both under control. Or is it high cholesterol or allergies, or acid reflux or all of the above. It's just easier to keep taking those pills the doctor prescribed. Besides that's what the doctor ordered. He must know best, he's the doctor. That's what doctors are for...right? To tell us what to do when we are sick or when our bodies are not working properly. Right? Wrong.

Change is difficult for some people. It's like when they go to their favorite restaurant they order the same thing every time. We are creatures of habit. Some habits are good and some are not so good. Some habits are downright nasty and bad for you. The point is people don't like change.

What does it take to commit to making some healthy changes in your life? For some people it's a surviving a heart attack. Talk about a wake-up call. Unfortunately most people are not so lucky. They don't survive a heart attack. For those few that do survive some will go on to adopt a healthy lifestyle. Not all will. That's just human nature. Like the smoker who carries an oxygen tank and still smokes.

So do you want to get out of pain? Do you want to get healthy? Healthier than you are already? I always ask my patients what they want to get from seeing me. I know what I would like for all my patients. For them to stop smoking, start exercising, eat healthier, cut down on the booze, become their own best doctor. I do have some pretty healthy patients but the majority of people could improve on their health.
Part of the problem is that most people have been programmed, conditioned, brainwashed, lied to or are just plain misinformed.

Along with that, unfortunately, our health care system is set up to treat diseases or dysfunctions in the body. It is not designed to get and keep people well, fit and healthy. Television commercials has taught people to "ask your doctor" if this drug is right for you. Prescription drug commercials has taught people into believing that if something is wrong with the body you go to a doctor so he/she can prescribe a pill. And of course you don't even need to see a doctor to buy OTC (over the counter) drugs and self medicate.

I learned a long time ago that OTC or prescription drugs were not the answer to being healthy. I also learned that you cannot depend on doctors to teach you to get and stay healthy. It's not a smart move for them, financially.

What can you do if you really want to get healthy? First of all how healthy do you really want to get and are you willing to make the necessary changes to make it happen? Take a good hard look at your options. You continue doing what you're doing and take a greater risk of getting a heart attack, diabetes, obesity, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure, dialysis everyday by the time your fifty something and on and on.

Or you could make a few changes to your daily routine like walking 40-60 minutes a day at least 5 times a week. If you have bad knees you need to take Procosa which is the best glucosamine on the market. In fact the company stands behind a 100% money back guarantee. You can get it at I have put many patients and friends on it with excellent results.

You could also make a few small changes to your diet of soda, chips and salsa, fried foods, ice cream, none or little veggies, not enough pure water, hardly any fruit, too much meat, potatoes, french fries, pizza, white bread, milk, fast food and regular restaurants and I could go on but you get the picture. Right?

Start making a few changes little by little. Maybe cut out one of those foods from your diet and replace it with something healthy. After a couple of weeks replace another unhealthy food with a healthy choice. Before you know it you will have dramatically improved your diet, your waistline and your health.

Baby steps to a healthier you! You will feel so much better. Your energy levels will increase, your sex drive will improve, you will have a deeper sleep, your focus and concentration will be sharp and keen, people will notice a difference and compliment you! And just as important if not more important you will prevent most diseases and premature death.

Remember.....just start by making some small changes but you need to take action NOW!

Author's Bio: 

Dr. Carlos M. Gonzalez has been a Chiropractor for twenty years. He is a Wellness Consultant, Transformational Speaker and Author. He has written over one hundred articles on natural health, wellness, weight loss, fitness, anti-aging, women’s issues, preventative care and many more topics. His new book, HANGING OUT FOR THE HEALTH OF IT, will soon be available. Dr. Gonzalez is on a mission with a vision and a passion with a purpose. By sharing his life experiences and training he hopes to help heal and empower millions of people who are hurting physically, mentally and spiritually to live healthier, happier and longer lives!