Often, we all have one or two areas in our life where our hearts feel
heavy. This could be any area which is important to you. Your heart
could feel heavy with regards to relationships, finances, career or
perhaps family issues.

What if, for the next 4 weeks, we all took responsibility for this heavy
load and took some radical action to take responsibility for what is
making our hearts feel so heavy?

Remember, we must give up the person we are today, in order to become
the person we wish to be tomorrow!

Let's take the area of relationships as an example.

If this area is not working out as you had planned - and it is making
your heart heavy - What radical action could YOU take to make your heart
lighter? Where could YOU take responsibility for this shifting this
load? Do you need to get out of a relationship which is not making you
happy? Do you need to put some firmer boundaries in place? Do you need
to tell someone exactly how you feel? If you are feeling stuck in this
area - what action could you take to shift things and start to move you

When we chose to take responsibility for our heavy hearts - we are
reclaiming our power and taking responsibility for our own lives.
However, if we continue to resent or blame other people for our current
situation, we are giving other people the power to run our lives and
actually, we are being irresponsible!

The longer we sit with our heavier hearts, the more stuck we will become
and the more likely we are to feel hopeless or resentful. So, if you
really want to move forward and move ahead in a certain area of your
life, make a decision to move forward and take some action - Get
yourself unstuck!! Take the bull by the horns and feel the fear and do
it anyway!

This will also work if you are feeling hurt, angry or blameful of
someone who may have hurt you. Often these emotions cause our hearts to
feel heavy. Make a decision today to become responsible for your own
happiness and not to be tied to hurt and pain from the past. Let it go
- for your own sake. Just because you choose to forgive someone, does
not mean you have to agree with their actions. Just make a decision to
not allow the actions of another person to keep you stuck or make your
heart heavy. Take the lesson with you and release yourself from the

Is your heart heavy because it is not doing what it desires? Then again,
take action to fulfill this desire and move towards something which
makes your heart sing! This does not have to mean changing your life in
a huge way; just take some baby steps to make your heart lighter. If
you are unclear what you desire, take a moment to fall quiet and just
ask your inner wisdom what it desires and also what actions steps you
can take to make your heart lighter. Then listen with your heart and see
what comes up!

Author's Bio: 

Lisa Phillips is an experienced Life Coach and NLP Practitioner based in Sydney, Australia. Sign up to Lisa's free newsletter at www.amazingcoaching.com or check out http://www.amazingcoaching.com.au/diy-ebook.html for her fabulous time saving DIY Coaching Manual which includes a FREE ACTION STEP BONUS BOOK!