Janitorial cleaning service mainly refers to detailed residential or commercial cleaning. It includes furniture dusting, floor sweeping and mopping, washing of carpets, sofa and other tapestry, bathroom cleaning, kitchen detailing, loft cleaning, cleaning of water tanks, backyard and garage and the list goes on. Many of these professional service providers also specialize in mending damage caused due to water leakage or cleaning spots and algae occurred due to water leakage or retention.

In the following content we will mainly discuss how hiring commercial cleaning service can be a better option over having in house cleaning staff.

  • If you happen to own a small business with limited staff then taking help from commercial cleaning services for all your cleaning need is the best option. It will fit well in your budget as having extra cleaning staff means added expenditure on their salary, food, maintenance, and bonus and so on. On the contrary if you hire a commercial janitorial service all you have to spend if the contract fee which you have discussed and finalized.
  • Secondly many companies prefer to have minimum staff on their payroll. This is mainly due to the taxes they save by it. You can always outsource the work from janitorial cleaning services and get your office cleaned as per the weekly or fortnightly contract signed by you.
  • It is very important to note that commercial janitorial service companies can time their work as per your convenience. They can assign their staff to clean your office after your office hours so that they do not interfere or cause any inconvenience during your office hours. Apart from that your staff also do not cause any inconvenience in their cleaning work and affect their work efficiency.
  • Commercial cleaning companies have all the tools, expertise and experience for cleaning various places. Cleaning glass wall of the office building or any other such place which is difficult to reach is not every one’s cup of tea. It requires special set of skills and equipment which your in house staff may or may not own. Apart from that buying those tools for in house staff is an added expenditure.
  • Though You Tube is full of videos teaching you how to clean your carpet, yards or lofts but there is no denial of the fact that your cleaning cannot match the professional quality of work. It is better you let the experts do their work and you enjoy complete cleanliness and peace of mind.
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