While the 2012 phenomenon is symbolic of the completion of many great astrological cycles (including the Mayan long count calendar) it also presents us with an opportunity to change our lives on a practical level. The 2012 astrological “alignment” is a portal in time where the energy is right for humans to reach full consciousness. We claim this full potential when we use the information coming through our left and right brain simultaneously, when we live our lives in harmony by making choices from our head and our heart equally, a time when we go from being ego centric to cosmic centric.......the great news is that our animals have a head start here and can show us the way.......
The new energy coming in around 2012 heralds the potential for a huge shift in human consciousness but unless we actually internalise and integrate this experience into our whole body intelligence it just remains a “nice” concept that stays in our mind only.
Grounding 2012 means that we must “walk the talk” to claim our rightful place in co-creating a new future. It means that we can no longer just read the right books and watch the inspirational videos but we have to contribute to these changes by positive action.
With an understanding of vibrational medicine and the notion that thoughts, intentions etc hold a resonance I have come to the belief that it is through us grounding the resonance of unconditional love transmitted through the horses that can help make this happen.
The key to grounding our new potential lies in balancing our left and right brain. A balance here will not only align our spiritual awareness but on a physical level we will reprogram ourselves health wise too.
Our natural state of being is to be “vibrating” with the Natural world of Alpha. In this state our breathing is regular and we are at peace with the world
Conversely if we are using our left brain too much, constantly thinking, planning etc we will be in a “Beta” mind frequency and in this altered state we do not breathe properly. Being too much in Beta causes our bodies to be stressed which then sets off a cascade of health related problems.
As we merge the consciousness of Heaven (energy) with Earth (energy) the importance of balancing our left and right brain will be crucial in the process of aligning 2012.
Through a system called Whole Body Intelligence our Life Coaching horses act as a “mirror” for this heaven energy to be integrated into the NOW reality
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Author's Bio: 

Veronica Garrett is a qualified Practitioner in Naturopathy, Vibrational Medicine and Counselling with almost 20 years in researching the effect of animals on the human energy system.
Our work at Holistequine has led us to develop a system called WBI that balances the functionality of the left and right brain.