It was two years ago when I was down with high fever and a stomach ache. After a check up my Doctor made a diet chart for me and I was restricted from having food from outside. The Doctor said that it was an infection due to some unhygienic food. My parents and I were wondering where I got that sort of food to eat. It remained a mystery for me until one of my classmates also fell ill. And, after that it almost became a trend for the students to be absent in the school once in a week. And, the strange thing was that every student had the same reason to be absent.

Some of the parents including mine also had a meeting with the principal and they requested the school authority to test the foods that was given to the children by the school canteen. Their doubt was proved right when it was found that stale foods were given to the students to eat for lunch. I learnt a lesson and so did my other friends and school mates.

This is just an example to focus on the matter of how canteens provide stale food to the innocent children and don’t care of what its affect will be on the children. There are numerous other examples to show how irresponsible school authorities are. It is not entirely the fault of the canteen workers but also of the school authority because when the canteen is in the school premises, it becomes the responsibility of the school authority to check once a week whether they are offering fresh food to the students or not.

Before appointing a canteen worker, school authorities should always check whether the person is educated or not and if not, they should also make sure whether fresh foods are given to the children or not. The immune system of the children is not like the adults. Children become much weaker more easily when they get affected by some foreign body. Providing quality education to the students is not the only responsibility of the school. They should also check whether the children are taking proper food in the school or not. They should instruct the canteen operators to maintain hygiene while making and serving the children food.

Parents also should keep a watch over the children and ask them regularly what food they ate in the school canteen. Parents should teach their children to avoid having foods from outside and especially the canteens. Both teachers and parents should make the children understand about the importance of hygiene in our lives.

They should be brought up in a way that they maintain hygiene in every step of their lives. They should be taught to check the food everytime they before they eat it. Once they make it a habit, the chances of falling sick becomes lesser. Along with teaching all the subjects teachers also should teach their students what to eat, from where to eat and how to it.

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