In November 2006 I started my website ,, and as of today the site’s sales have exceeded 1 million and made me a dot com millionaire.

I know that every person who starts a website with certain financial goals in mind want to reap the most out of his site and as a result I decided to write this post to tell you how you can make the best financial benefit out of your site or blog.

The key factors that helped me make good money from my site:

1)I made sure people wanted to visit the site before any products were there: many people make the mistake of creating a site that has nothing but pitch pages. Not only will those pages rank poorly in search engines but they will also never motivate people to stay on your site. Before I created any products my site had hundreds of useful articles which motivated people to visit often. Once you manage to get that recurring visitor you can sell him anything!

2)Think of your content as the free sample: your visitors will consider your content a free sample. If they liked the sample they will assume that the product is of the same quality and as a result they will buy it. Don’t do the mistake of writing mediocre posts just to make sure your blog has some articles but instead write great free samples.

3)Most people don’t buy, that’s a fact: the conversation rate in many industries is near 2%, this means that its so normal that one single person buys your product out of every 100 person who visit the site. Don’t let this intimidate you , just understand that it takes a lot of time to create a financially successful website. Personally I started making good money after 2 years!

4)Recurring purchases bring more money: One of the best ways to make money is to create a subscription program or any other service that allows you to collect a recurring fee. Once a person pays you once you can make sure that you will get the same amount each month until you deliver your service completely.

5)Social proof is extremely important: You might have good content and high traffic yet sell nothing because people can’t trust your site. In such a case you need to make a good campaign to bring more social media fans and followers so that you can use them to show your visitors that others trust your site. A fan box app for facebook for example will show your visitors how many fans you have on facebook and as a result they will trust you.

The conclusion
Making a decent some of money on the internet is possible but you have to be patient and to keep fixing the mistakes you find yourself doing.

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