I was constantly complaining something feels “off”? I found myself over spending, over eating, over everythinging just to hide from the pain of my life.. my broken out of control life.

I believe we create the “mess” that is our life by burying our heads and ignoring the warning signs that are constantly calling to us. I personally changed my life by identifying some indicators that helped me measure the quality of my life and outlining a strategy to connect me to my Higher Purpose. I am convinced the connection to your life’s purpose is key to healing.

I was experiencing the following symptoms on a daily basis.

• Cranky/short tempered
• Frustration
• Lack of focus
• Out of control
• Impatient
• Intolerant
• Tired
• Overwhelmed
• Procrastination
• Lack of priorities

I was constantly fighting the reality of what WAS my life. I now know we invite chaos into our lives when we deny what IS. I decided to ask myself the following questions to help me wake up and take charge of ME.

• Who do I surround myself with? A great indicator of how life is going is to observe who you surround yourself with.
• What are my core values?
• How am I showing up for life?
• What do I do to grow? Emotionally, Spiritually.
• What are my priorities? Do they support my highest and greatest good?
• How to I honor my Soul? Am I connected to something bigger?

No one was going to do this for me and I couldn’t buy my way out. It was the hard core self analyses that would free me. So, I would journal and bitch every day until one day I found myself without as much chaos. I had finally had a break thru instead of a break down.

Once I realized something was “off” it was time to reveal the truth about what was going on inside. I was willing to unpack the boxes. I liken the unpacking and storage of my “stuff” to old boxes I keep in my basement and attic. Stuff that truly no longer serves me but I can’t seem to get rid of. Excuses, I don’t have the time the energy or the desire and the boxes continue to pile up as I keep adding to them and never disposing of any.

The kids old craft projects they made in 3rd grade and now they are 27yrs old, or the clothes I wore in 1970 (4 sizes and 29 yrs ago), or maybe its old resentments towards someone who “did me wrong”, or bitterness toward a sibling or friend for not knowing better, or jealousy toward just about everyone in the world because obliviously everyone has it better than me. You see what I mean about the boxes, yes? Whine, whine, whine.

I did Personal Inventory/ Self Assessment and it led me to throw out the literal and figurative boxes.

Are you keeping any old “boxes” that aren’t necessary? Journal the boxes away.

To release or not to release it was my choice. Either I released it and I felt peaceful or I hung on and spiraled out of control. By checking back with the symptoms in step one I was able to measure my progress.

Here are a few tips I used to get the release process started.

• Embrace your greatest good (why you came here)
Define the greatest good in your reality: spiritually and energetically. There is a force constantly at work in the universe; energy connected to our greatest potential in any situation. What is YOUR greatest potential in this given situation? What Soul lesson do you need to experience at this moment in time? This “knowing” comes through your intuition. Keep your vision on your greatest good; found at a Soul Level

• Explore perceptions
Become the “other person” and try on their version. Could there be another way to see a situation? What did they come here to learn from this interaction? Is the fact that your best friend was talking about you or is it REALLY the way YOU feel about the friend talking behind your back.

• Eliminate distractions
Simplify your thoughts. Gain clarity and grace by eliminating mind chatter. Practice meditation and connecting to Source.

• Engage your Soul
Tune in to your intuition (the quiet voice or subtle feeling inside of you) and ask what you need to do to live Soul-fully at this given moment in time. Simply ask yourself who would I be without this thought?

This work is not for everyone. I encourage serious inquires only who are willing to work outside the box to reach out to me for the full program to heal your broken life. Email me vdrake@rcn.com to see if it’s right for you.

Author's Bio: 

Veronica is an International Spiritual Coach who supports people to achieve balance and harmony in their lives. She inspires clients to explore their spiritual self. In an era when the pursuit of self-improvement often means hiring personal trainers, fad diets and therapists, as the spiritual coach – Veronica is heeding the call of people who speak of inner guidance systems and reconnecting to their heart to enable them to live balanced authentic lives.

Veronica is also a gifted intuitive who speaks Soul to Soul in her readings. As a Holistic Life Coach she creates a Soul Vision with her clients she lovingly supports them to bring about clarity and focus from a Soul Perspective.