First of all, my name is Luke, I have been working from home since I was just 16 years old, I am now 26. At that age is was very hard to motivate myself to keep on track and reach deadlines, a lot of guys at that age are forever out with friends and getting into all kinds of capers! I on the other hand was not, I was hugely motivated on making my Business work, I am now reaping the rewards whilst my friends are looking for work.

I would like to share with you all, how I keep myself motivated and on target. It is very difficult for some (even myself) to work from home due to all of the distractions and it also being the place you chill out, relax and sleep in.

Working Right From Your Bed

This is what I did for many years, it will work for some, but not others. My daily routine used to be waking up, having a wash and doing daily housework, so by around 10am I would be back on my bed and starting work, this can make you feel tired all day long until you get used to it but I would not advise this at all, I did however, decide to build an office for myself in the room next door.

This is great, due to health problems though I still do actually work from the comfort of my bed. I would recommend creating an office space in your home and keeping work life separate from home as much as possible, that way you have somewhere to keep all of your papers, files and other things completely apart from your home life.

Getting A Whiteboard

This is a big must, every company has one for sales targets and other statistics, it is a great idea to use yours for work that needs to be completed that very day! Write all of the workload that needs to be completed the night before. This way, you will be reminded of what needs to be done as it is not always good to leave it on the computer in spreadsheets as we never see it. Being reminded of workload will keep you on track and motivated to keep going to get all of the targets finished in time.

Spreading Your Time & Breaks

This will work for some but not others, what I do is take intervals and go and put my mind to something else. For example, I will put in one hours work until something is completed then go and take a small break, eat something or put on some washing and what not. Some people will be better of just working and pushing through the day, I find it hard to do this and I lose my productivity and motivation.

I find spreading chores with workload throughout the day keeps my mind active and not just focused on one thing, I believe if you switch your mind to something else then come back to work you will be able to finish the jobs so much faster as sometimes work gets tedious and a little boring, I am not saying take a lot of time out just half an hour to an hour, you will get the housework done too and kill two birds with one stone :-)

Split The Jobs Up Into Smaller Sections

For those who cannot take breaks to spread the time, this is perfect for you! Let’s say you have to write 20 articles and you also need to make 40 submission’s to different blogs whilst needing to create another blog post on your own blog, spread the entire lot into much smaller jobs. Doing and completing the same job can get extremely boring and eventually you will start to make mistakes and errors in your haste to get it all completed.

Create 2 articles out of the 20 then move onto a bit of your blog post and make a draft, get 10 submissions done and rotate. Move around your time and don’t just focus on one thing, this will ensure maximum productivity in all areas of the work.

Other Things I Do For Motivation

Listen to the radio on medium volume
Remind myself of the bills that need to be paid
Get dressed, stopping in sleepwear is bad news
Sometimes take small walks around the block to clear the mind
Eat small but often throughout the day, eating large meals is bad for me when sitting in a chair.

These are my personal tips that I have been using now for 10 long years, they have not let me down yet! I would love to hear how you motivate yourselves from home. Please do drop some comments below, I will get back to you and do respond to comments.

Author's Bio: 

Luke Murphy has been working from home since 2004 a the age of 16. He believes a strong motivation is needed to be able to work from the comfort of your own home. Luke is in the Internet Advertising Business and provides services to search engine optimisation companies. Strong motivation and productivity is essential to getting the workload completed on time.