What does your Posture say about you?

Your posture provides the body with the stability needed to maintain muscle, bone and spinal alignment.

At the convent school which I attended, good deportment was on the curriculum, we girls had to walk around with books on our heads. It certainly helps to install confidence and self esteem. My two daughters have also got good posture. If you are a parent, it all comes down to setting a good example.

We humans are funny beings, for we manage to point to others if their posture is bad, but fail to realise it, in ourselves. But, even if you know, what have you done about it? Do you really think it doesn’t matter? After all, it will not affect health.

So many sit at computers for most of their working day and although, certain exercises may be carried out, no thought is given to rounded shoulders, with heads jutting forward. Believe me when I say, cervical thoracic strain can be related to poor posture whilst sat at a computer.

Movements made whilst posture is poor, force the body to compensate by changing the position and movement of the muscles, joints, ligaments, even spinal vertebrae to insure balance and support of body weight.

It may be related to incorrect sitting positions, how one stands, pregnancy and obesity. Below are a few indications of poor posture

1. Holding a telephone between your neck and shoulder
2. Hunching and slouching your shoulders
3. Arching your lower back too much
4. Carrying a heavy handbag or backpack on one side of your body.
5. Holding your head and neck forward.

Poor posture can certainly make a bad impression, one of laziness and can’t be bothered syndrome. In a recent study it has shown, those who slouch when either sitting or standing or both have an increased sensitivity to pain.

Poor posture can cause bone degeneration related to bone diseases such as scoliosis and osteoarthritis. These conditions are known to be a secondary cause of bad back posture itself.

Scoliosis creates abnormal alignment by increasing the usual angles of the spine.

Osteoarthritis does the same together with bone breakdown.

I have to admit to being a believer that the correct posture can instantly make you look pounds lighter Look taller and at ease as you age.

It is imperative to realise the health benefits of good posture. It’s not all to do with how you look to others, but how your body sits on the inside. What do I mean by this?

Health benefits occur when posture is correct, for your muscles, organs, joints and bones stay where they are supposed to be. Stand or sit with the wrong posture and the strain on your body is inevitable.

Lower back pain, neck strain, are common conditions, due to over use of the muscles.

Do you want good posture today?

Whist it will take time to adapt the body to naturally good posture, here are some tips to get you back on track.

1. Whilst sitting keep both feet on the floor, if they do not reach the floor, adjust the chair or use a footrest.
2. Keep those shoulders straight
3. Get up often and do some stretching
4. Whether you work from home or at work, make sure to choose an ergonomic chair with good back support.
5. Align your back with the back of the chair
6. Don’t slouch or lean forward.

When standing follow these tips!

1. Keep your head level and in line with your neck and spine.

2. Keep shoulders upright and stand straight.

3. The weight should be on the balls of the feet, not the heels

4. Keep those feet about shoulder length apart

5. Never lock the knees

From the moment you change that stance of good posture from bad, you will feel an improvement on the way you walk, the way you sit. Like most things, the good habits will overcome the bad. Sooner than you may think, it will become a natural way of life.

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