‘Science’ is a word which is contrary to ‘Spirit’. While spirit is an implication of the soul, science is what we can use in making hypotheses and conclusions after applying various methodologies. However, if we are trying to integrate these fields of study, we can make up the word "Spiritual Science".

‘Spiritual Science’ is a term which can be considered as either a science, religion or even both of them or an act of intermediation - a philosophy. This work is based on the teachings of an architect, philosopher and social genius named Rudolf Steiner. He laid the ground of the Anthroposopy and postulated a belief integrating the worldly world with the spiritual world. In this regard, an individual can be in concordance with the God’s entity and achieve the condition of being divine. In previous work on Anthroposophy of Rudolf, he coined the term "Philosophy of Freedom" related to the freedom of one to see the universe and the mankind in a different light of his or her own belief resulting from interactions of the world outside with the independent thoughts.

It is unavoidable that we run into the term 'God' in this article, and it conflicts with the fact that it is impossible for human to find any connection between Science and Creator or God. Creationism is opposing the evolutionary theory of Charles Darwin, making many controversies since then. On the other hand, in terms of the teachings of various religions, Spiritual Science is not inflexible.

One of the obliged facts of this particular science is that this uses much of thought which has a footing on both scientific and spiritual discourse as well as on the combination such as chemistry, metaphysics, social sciences, literature, arts and many others. The practicality in the world which changes all the time makes it more advantageous to humankind. It prevents discordance between a few demographics due to its universal position on every aspect of all concerns of human life.

Despite the fact that the original organizations advocating Anthroposophy have sunk beneath or dissipated by social awareness, the studies of Spiritual Science pervade human consciousness, and are much applied as a result of the changing times and the natural instinct of mankind to make this world a better place for us.

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