The National Weight Control Registry (NWCR) studies groups of people who lose at least 30 pounds and maintain that weight loss for at least one year. Most of their “successful losers” share the same tips as those who lost inches and maintained their new body shapes as a result of classes taken at the Hawaii Wellness Institute. Those tips include:

• Consuming low-fat/low calorie versions of foods they love
• Eating a high fiber breakfast
• Participating in more physical activity
• Practicing self-monitoring (such as weighing themselves or food journaling)

Incredible shrinking women cut portion sizes and find satisfying and delicious foods that are not full of fats and sugars but use healthy substitutes. An example might include a 120 calorie piece of chocolate peanut butter pie in place of the original 550 calorie recipe. “Knowing what I can buy, cook, and eat to look and feel my best has helped me make this way of eating into a way of life,” boasted Lisa, a successful loser.
Another big reason for success is exercise. Eighty percent of the successful losers exercised three or more times a week and listed it as their number one strategy for keeping weight down. It takes conscious effort to conjure the discipline and manage the time to change a lifetime of old habits. It can be done, but it’s not easy to do alone.

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Sunny Massad, Ph.D. comes from a family of women who each weighed over 200 pounds. She enjoys teaching others how eating high fiber, low calorie foods (and that includes snacks, sweets, and restaurant foods) can be a lifestyle that anyone can practice under any circumstances without feeling deprived. For more information go to: