Indian astrologers are admired worldwide. Many researchers of different countries are really astonished by the thought process and imagination of the Indian astrologers. The specialty of astrologers in this historic country is the knowledge they possess. India has always been a land of creativity. Many of the inventions and thoughts have been lost as they have not been transmitted to the future generation.

Still, Indian astrologers possess a significant amount of knowledge which can also be used to predict the future. The biggest proof for this is the Sundial at the Sun temple. 24 wheels are present in the Sun temple which are known not only to symbolize vintage clocks but were also used to predict the future around 500 years ago.

Assumptions about Indian Astrology
Astrology is not always about blindfolded predictions. It may not actually be predicting rights and wrongs in an individual's life. It is actually all about the study of the movements of astronomical things in the space. These things majorly include planets, sun, moon, meteors, and comets.

There are many assumptions in the field of astrology across the world. Some assumptions might be scientifically proven and others may not. There can be a very small difference between blind faith and astrology. Superstitious people consider astrologers to ensure important decisions of their lives prove profitable. It is a fact that a good percentage of successful people have at some point or the other consulted astrologers to maintain their success.

Exceptions in astrology
Astrology may work for some people while it may have adverse effects on the other. It all depends on the type of astrologer. Horoscope by Indian Astrologer is world-famous and Indian astrologers have made a separate identity in the horoscope arena of today. Many astrologers across the globe even Indians for that matter make some controversial predictions in fluke which may attract some fame and money to them temporarily.

Realizing the trueness of astrology
Real astrology lies in questions and answers. Many saints advise people to follow some of the other procedures or ask them to buy different gemstones or elements like rudraksha. Before making a decision to Buy rudraksha online, it is essential to realize the science behind it.

Many good Indian astrology portals and astrologers explain the reason for each and every suggestion they make. These reasons are acceptable and completely destroy any sort of myths in our minds. Astrology is exclusively not based on the future but it is about understanding our own feelings and characteristics. It is about realizing better tomorrow by controlling negative and positive sources of energy in us and around us.

Which Indian astrology portals to select?
Sometimes, identifying astrologers or astrology portals can be a tedious task. Most of the services are paid but still sometimes they fail to make an impact on the individual's lives as it should or as people expect. Thus, selection of the right astrology portal is important.

Different astrology portals identify different content types that are not only engaging but are also quite beneficial. Such portals tend to highlight the basic characteristics of a zodiac sign and also feature daily predictions based on their calculations.

Different sites displaying
Horoscope by Indian Astrologer tend to feature some write-ups in the form of blogs that clearly educate people about some general myths like the Manglik Dosh, Nakshatra, etc. By this, the follower knows a valid reason to Buy rudraksha online. An individual also understands the scientific impact of certain gemstones and other similar accessories on his lifestyle. Such a person learns why an individual should follow astrology.

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Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer, life coach and member of the Indian Astrologers Council. She has more than 15 years of practical experience in astrology. She is a regular columnist in many leading newspapers in India.