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The independent gaming studio is a niche within the community that seems to be on the rise. Multiple indie developers are winning various awards for small yet amazing games crafted with limited personnel and budgets. Although most companies like this probably don't expect grand successes every time, some of them have seen their titles explode in popularity.

Freelance Work

Although this isn't directly related to the release of an indie title, it is one way that some developers have made money online. After putting out at least one game, many indie developers saw offers come in for freelance work on other projects. If a game has a particular narrative style or flow, others may want to hire you to help them flesh out the details of the stories and missions in their own products. These freelance gigs can help you launch your next project or offset any overhead costs you may have.

Store Sales

An online store is the natural choice for a small developer to put their work out there for the fans. If you're ready for that step, you can get started on development sites like Xsolla. Platforms like these can help you developers address customer support issues, handle any physical merchandise, promote the game, and get the product out there to the fans in the form of downloads. Many platforms like this also contain analytics tracking so you can monitor the progress of your campaigns.

Arts Funding

Like most creative endeavors, artwork is a big part of what helps an independent game sell. Many smaller developers choose not to deal with the overhead costs associated with physical media. However, they still need to create promotional art, game "box" art, and in-game screenshots that showcase how the product looks. In some cases, galleries that specialize in this kind of art may see some of this work and want to display it for a larger audience. Don't forget the interconnected ways the creative arts work with one another for broader appeal.

Adaptable Plans

Many developers view their projects as creations that are parts of themselves. While it is never nice to have to change how things work, being flexible is one of the ways an independent studio might make money. With outside help from other artists willing to collaborate, some popular indie games changed from what they were originally. However, the makers still appreciated the new paths to success that opened up.
Even with the relative popularity of video games today, most indie developers take huge personal and financial risks creating their work. There are no real guarantees that one will find a large base of fans, and the money might not last long enough to get the project off the ground. These concerns can seem too intimidating, but there are several tools out there to keep development costs as low as possible. A developer can also showcase some early work in an effort to get a grant. With crowdfunding, side gigs, and even investments from big name companies, you can get the funding you need for your projects with just a little creativity and a lot of hard work.

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