Most internet marketers share a common need and that is to establish an online presence! This is where the use of information comes into play! By circulating or at least making quality content freely available on websites and blogs, marketers are able to build the online presence they need! The only problem here is the time it takes to develop the content however by curating it instead you're simply gathering information and NOT creating it! The long and short is you can still become known as a credible source of information by simply using the curating process!

Here are 3 benefits curating, instead of creating information, can offer you in terms of establishing yourself as a credible source of information!

Less Agonizing

Let's face it developing content from 'scratch' can be very agonizing which is something you DO want to limit as a blogger! Frustration and discouragement will NOT help you sustain your efforts if building a successful blog is your goal! Whenever you can minimize stress and frustration it helps to 'fortify' your resolve so when you do encounter setbacks, you can BLAST through them without blinking! By simply gathering informative material you can use as opposed to creating it you can still be known as a credible source of quality content!

Cherry Pick

The information you gather is typically going to be quality content since you hand picked it yourself and obviously there's nobody better qualified to do so, right? Now you simply 'cherry pick' from all of what you've gathered to bend or mold it into EXACTLY what you need! Whatever you may not use can be saved for future needs thereby saving the effort later on doing the research!

Research Takes Time

And speaking of research this is something that does take time but here too you can easily double your efforts if you're developing something new! On the other hand simply gathering and sorting is all that's needed if you're curating information from across the internet! The time this process does save you can be devoted to other areas of your business or even to simply shorten your work day! One quick note here is you're using this information to develop a certain online presence or impression with readers! It is therefore important to focus your research efforts on only material relevant to your interests!

Internet marketers by and large all have the need to establish a strong and credible online presence! The fact is that you can not achieve any degree of success unless people are at least aware of your and/or your business! The use of quality content, whether it is for placement on websites or blogs, or even to be circulated freely is a great way to become identified as a credible source on the internet! Creating or developing information however takes both effort and time! The discussion above suggest curating any needed information which is simply gathering already developed content that has relevance to your particular needs! Remember you don't necessarily have to create the content to become known as a credible source but rather simply make it readily available to your readers! In the process you'll save yourself much time and effort that you can devote elsewhere!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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