Modern living has been affected significantly by the internet of things, so the powerful technology consists of a network of sensors which can collect data from machines and people to send a central repository for analysis to provide enhanced visibility for the management by enabling them to understand the effectiveness of policies and procedures to make decisions to improve them. Nevertheless, the internet of things is an umbrella used to describe the ecosystem of devices which can relate to each other and can share data to improve efficiency for the customer a batter manner. However, the technological world has also realized the enormous potential of IoT and is vociferously striving for creating more application with it because the world of mobile application also comes under the influence of internet of things, so this phenomenal technology has also made a significant impact on the mobile app development.

IoT is impacting the mobile app development
App development is a booming trend which has also given an increasing popularity of smartphones, and with the help of iOS, so the customers now can access their desired services on the smartphones through dedicated apps as mobile apps help to provide more customers and prompt service. Nevertheless, companies are also looking to impress the customer by offering interactive as well as effective mobile applications, so now mobile app builders are looking to use the internet of things to build better applications. Therefore, here below are the given impacts of the internet of things on the mobile application development field:

Open Source Development Will Become the Norm
The explosion of IoT technologies will result in IT companies as well as developers those who are sharing their problem openly, can help to enable an app developer for mobile application development. However, open-source development also helps to boost the growth of mobile application, so that multiple app developers can enter the arena to make the most of this opportunity so that there will be more transparency in app development. Thus, companies and developers collaborating with each other have also become a norm in this industry.

Hybrid App Development Conventional native mobile applications work only on the platforms they are created on, but it is not ideal in the IoT scenario. So, we can expect numerous hybrid apps which can help to enhance UX being developed incorporating the advanced coding capabilities of hybrid platforms as well as it can allow a user to interact with a complete range of multi-platform devices, so this will eventually help to enhance the app evidence for the user allowing them to access a variety of services. Nevertheless, it will also be a win-win situation for the companies as this will allow them to get user data from other platforms without any hassle.

New platforms and Niche Development
IoT is a growing stage and app developers in the process of adapting to it, so lack of platforms for IoT apps can help to induce technologists to create a new one from scratch because a practice that will pick steam in the near future. Also, with the emergence of unified IoT platform, the app builders those who build mobile applications across all the platforms from android to iOS will also be able to concentrate primarily on the niche platform. However, mobile app builder needs to be ready for the world run by a broad set of Internet of things devices and try to ramp up their efforts for delivering products with customization across simulated or physical devices. Thus, with the collaboration between IoT product teams and app builders will be of great importance, so existing process should be adapted and prepared for extending full lifecycle support as majority of IoTs will be powered by the artificial intelligence technology for automated learning in future.

So, for wrapping up,’ as mobile connectivity help to expands into new dimensions so does mobile application development. However, new types of app development are being pursued to takes over all the major activities of life, so IoT has also promised a future where everything and everyone is connected, and communication happens faster with the help of internet as mobile applications with their various dimensions are set to be the tools to make this happens.

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