Every year millions of people await the specific day to witness one of
the world’s most spectacular show, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie
show. In awe we watch as the stunning models take the ramp by
storm but what mostly fail to recognise is that every appreciated
things of the moment always has a rigid and struggling past. Roy
Raymond in the early month of June, 1977 founded the now-
profound Victoria’s Secret store out of necessity and self-realisation
that men should feel comfortable buying a women’s lingerie. The
now extremely affluent brand was once not all diamonds and pearls,
at one time Raymond even decided to shut-down the store because
it was become increasingly unprofitable and heading towards
bankruptcy. The focus of this short anecdote is to remind us time
and again that creativity is a gift which sadly not everyone is privy to.
And Graphic designing as part of visual art is associated with
creativity, while not every graphic designers are creative not every
creative people are graphic designers too. They can be a fiction
writer, a builder, or a fashion designer so does every vocation.
To have a creative soul is a blessing which money cannot possibly
purchase which is why poets, painters, musicians live in a world
completely different from our reality. There was a video on Facebook
where a mother redrew her toddler’s futile drawing on the wall into
a very beautiful mural, now that is creativity and not everyone has
what it takes to do what she did with just a scratch. Hence creativity
is the ability to draw inspiration from the most mundane of things to
the most inconsequential of things which everyone do not have the
knack to arrive at. Everyday we see the symbol of positivity, the tick
everywhere but not all had the artistic element with original and
inventive imagination to invent one of the world’s most recognised
logo/symbol, the Nike before Carolyn Davidson.
The world itself is a treasure island and it plays for those who are
inquisitive and in yearn of things. Graphic designing as a subject is
not short of privileges for people with creativity however creativity
can be of two types; one which is inherent and one which can be
learnt. While some might pursue this communicative art as a
profession because of the on-growing demands and wants for
graphic designers in the world of technology it is also vital to
understand that they should have the idea of technical-know- how to
strive in the arena. But for the gifted few, even a scribble on a piece
of paper might be a change for the world, since the world is
continuously growing with unceasing competition, a strategy should
be implemented to let one stand out amongst the crowd and that is
originality which will become a gem in an ocean. Graphic designing
however should also go hand in hand with technology, strategic
thinking and the correct way of implementing in ways that are
different from the usual. The good thing about taking inspiration is
that it is everywhere and it just takes the right eye to see it.
Since graphic designing as visual or communicative art is the art and
practise of planning and projecting ideas with not only visual but also
textual content, it opens up an even more bigger realm than it
already has, Kate Moross one of the most sought after designer in
the UK and she creates myriad of textual designs for album covers,
branding and the most recent, live visual designs for the famous boy
band One Direction.
Being creative is a gift that should be taken full advantage of and this
applies not only in the field of graphic designing but in all regards,
detractors use their creativity to filter the ‘established notion of
things’, fashion designers use the same to profess a design of
comfort, style and messages in the form of apparels while graphic
designers use theirs to multiply it to the magnitudes.
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Every year millions of people await the specific day to witness one of
the world’s most spectacular show, the Victoria’s Secret lingerie