In my work as a spiritual sensitive, I have discovered that every individual has a unique nature in regards to their Being. I pay close attention to not only the words that people choose when they speak, but also the tone that they speak with and how their chosen words resonate. This allows me to make connections to the person’s emotions and vibrations, and to tune into their energy centres. Words can be extremely powerful in the frequency in which they are spoken, so I always ask those around me to choose their words wisely.

As a spiritual sensitive, I am able to interpret which words are spoken from someone’s heart or ego, or if they come from another source. There are a number of people that I have surrounded myself with because I love listening to them, as they raise my vibration. Yet there are others whose words and energies give me a sense of unease. But, why is this?

As we look deeper into the spoken word, we need to understand that every syllable we utter is derived from one of two vibrations;
• The vibration of love
• The vibration of fear

What causes these two vibrations, and how do we control them?

Everything in existence is made up of energy, including people, and in my work, I read energy. I have found that I am able to tune into a person’s soul or energy centre by paying close attention to the sound and tone of their voice. It may be that ‘eyes are the window to the soul’ but in my experience, a person’s voice is the path to lead you there.

We often use words to express anger, or even worse, to intentionally hurt someone around us; but at the same time, we use words to inspire, teach and make people feel good. It’s important that we choose to speak the frequency of love, not fear.

So, how can we accomplish this?

• Speak truthfully and try not to lie
• Avoid swearing
• Pray everyday
• Remove toxic, aggressive people from your life where possible

Why are these practices important?

When speaking from the heart, people will feel the love vibrations and positive intentions in our words and it can have a positive effect. This is why we must speak truthfully, and try very hard not to lie.

I do understand that lies can be used to save and stop destruction, and lies of this kind are forgivable. The lies that are harmful and unacceptable are those that are spoken for selfish reasons, personal gain, to control and often manipulate other people. Lies that are crafted to harm somebody on any vibration have an extreme karmic effect. Be sure to be open and honest with your words, to keep your soul healthy.

Using profanities is something that I avoid, and I encourage others to do the same, because it is a way to invite anger into your speech. Some may feel that it makes no difference as swearing is just a part of expressive language, but the words that we choose can carry a great amount of emotional charge. Everybody is likely to slip up every now and then, but you shouldn’t make a habit of using aggressive language. Removing it from your everyday vocabulary will reduce the negative effect the vibration of fear will have on you and those around you.

Prayer is one of the most cleansing, beneficial activities we can perform in our lives. We should try to pray daily, giving thanks to God for all that we have. Not only does prayer create a connection between you and the divine, God, but it is good practice to speak with the vibration of love. When it comes to Prayer, you cannot hide the true intentions of your words from God.

Aggressive people, especially liars, are toxic to the soul. Certain individuals cloud the truth with words that people want to hear, in order to achieve or gain whatever it is that they are after. An honest person will openly take whatever is thrown their way, despite the consequences. We should all aim and work to be honest people.

Here’s the bottom line:

It is important that we are aware of the energy we put out into the environment, and consider the effect it may have on the people around us - especially young and impressionable children.

We should take care when choosing our words and be aware of the intention that we carry as we speak them. Something that you can do to improve your spiritual and emotional wellbeing is to become a conscious being. This means that you should try to be conscious of those around you, instead of acting, or talking, without thinking first. No matter what life throws your way, you must make the decision to rise above them and choose to live your life in the frequency of love, not fear.

Author's Bio: 

Jas Bassi is specialise in energy healing and spirit release, removal of negative thought forms and deal with people who have experienced or are experiencing paranormal activity.