The platform of Opencart is regarded as one of the best development platforms for e-commerce stores. Hire from the Opencart development company for best results. 

Opencart is known worldwide as an excellent development platform and shopping cart solution for online stores. It is a highly customisable, simplified e-commerce platform which powers thousands of digital businesses every day. This unique management framework enhances the performance of online stores through its multitude of features- a new solution for entrepreneurs- therefore ensuring flawless business operations. It is also open-source allowing merchants to participate effectively, without any difficulty.  

The Opencart developer sets up this platform which is based on the PHP pattern of functions as a professionally reliable foundation for e-commerce, with a user-friendly interface and easy navigation. The futuristic elements that it offers are advanced enough to support all kinds of stores, be it small or large. This is why most of the online store owners prefer to use this medium for building websites.  


What is a good E-Commerce development platform/Shopping cart Solution?

A good Shopping cart framework is one of the most useful software that works on the basis of a web server, allowing visitors on an Internet site to select their preferred items from an online store for eventual purchase. The online shopping customers select from a list of available products, according to their choice. This software will now calculate the total price for the customer on its own, including postage, packaging, shipping and other associated tax prices. It will then accept the payment for the customer and organise the distribution of the valid information related to the purchase, conveying it to the merchant. The payment processor will now accept the money from the customer.   

A good E-Commerce platform will ensure that all these functions are carried out smoothly by the consumer without any hindrance. It offers one the required functionality and performance along the standard scale. It should integrate effectively with the different payment modes available in the country. It should offer steady support for online documentation. It should also rank high in Google searches, made possible through posting useful, related content, as a part of the marketing campaign.    


How is OpenCart the best E-Commerce platform? 

Opencart is customisable, with a robust administrator dashboard, thus enabling the store owners to get a glance at some of the most important metrics regarding the online store like the total sales record, the number of customer visits and many more.  It offers a spectacular and advanced multi-store support system with a single, comprehensible interface. Its functionality enables the owner to set up and design the products available at the store, use specific themes for each one of them and even localise the site. The options for the products and other necessary attributes are also very flexible with Opencart since it also allows one to add extra product variables. It is extendable, with more than almost 13,000 modules, layouts and themes so that the site can be designed as per requirement. 


Advantages and features - 

  • Opencart is easy to develop

While residing in PHP and MySQL, one can easily develop the extensions and avail the different customisations options on this platform 


  • Offers a complete set of reports 

Using opencart is very healthy for e-commerce businesses since it offers a wide range of metrics and database reports from time to time. One can customise these reports according to their business criterion. Filtering of the data is also possible so that adjustments can be made whenever needed. One can access this through a well-defined dashboard which is easily comprehensible, giving everyone the much-required information.    


  • Easy payment modes 

This platform is compatible with all the recent payment gateways, which are preferred by maximum consumers. Although the leading mode of usage is PayPal, it also supports the other mediums like Amazon, WorldPay, Sage pay, E-Way etc. 


  • Preferred shipping method 

Through Opencart, one can install their preferred method for shipping, as a good e-commerce site. One can integrate the National postal System, FedX, UPS and others. This way, the store ensures that the customers receive all their purchases within the appropriate time frame, regarding all current shipping operations. 


  • Create an International presence  

In Opencart, one can incorporate and take advantage of the multi-lingual support to push the store to the forefront. This customisation option enables the owner to note down the product names and service categories and characteristics in various languages. No matter how small the business is, one can expand their digital presence worldwide after using Opencart.

Author's Bio: 

Jonathan Paul is a dedicated OpenCart Developer working with a reputed company named PHPProgrammers. The author has written this article to explain to the readers how Opencart is regarded as one of the best e-commerce development and shopping cart solutions worldwide.