The company Tesla, builder of streamlined, innovative electric cars, has revolutionary ambitions. According to CEO Elon Musk, Tesla's goal is to ' fundamentally change the way the world deals with energy '. With this, he continues the work of the illustrious name giver of the company, Nikola Tesla.

Tesla, therefore, goes further than just electric cars. How will this affect our lives in the future? A lot can change for both consumers and companies in the coming period of 5 to 20 years.

Who was Nikola Tesla?

Nikola Tesla, who was born in Serbia in 1856 and later moved to the US, was an inventor, electrical engineer and physicist. He is considered to be one of the greatest inventors and engineers of all time. He invented the alternating current generator, the alternating current electric motor and fundamental components of the current electricity grid. The Tesla (T), the unit of magnetic flux density, is named after him. Already in his time, the eccentric scholar was looking for a totally different way of supplying energy and generating it.

Is Tesla the start of a revolution?

In 2003, Martin Eberhard and Marc Tarpenning in the US decided to build an electric sports car. They were inspired by Tesla and named their company after the Serbian-American inventor. Their intention is to first produce expensive cars. In this way, they were able to raise funds to develop cheaper models later. At that time, the vision was that driving in the future could be completely electric. But the ambitions go much further!

A global vision, also in practice

Tesla is seen as the first car brand that has really taken electric driving seriously and has actually taken the step completely. The entire concept of electric driving is being tackled. For example, Tesla has introduced superchargers, with which the electric cars are charged in barely twenty minutes. This should solve the problem of the action radius. But the company is not just limited to the road.

For example, after the summer of 2015, the Powerwall battery is available for consumers and businesses. This rechargeable battery can store the excess power from solar panels, for example, so that an average family always has a comfortable amount of power in the house that would otherwise disappear into the city network. The costs of a Powerwall are recovered within five years. A revolutionary concept, according to many.

The Powerwall solves the biggest problem of solar panels. Consumers often use power in the evening, while the power is generated during the day. Fortunately, it is still possible for consumers to set off, but if energy suppliers no longer offer this in the future, solar panels would become a lot less interesting.

With this invention to store power in the wall, households and businesses can become increasingly self-sufficient when it comes to energy storage and consumption. As a result, the power of current energy suppliers will decrease considerably in the coming years.

The growing interest in Tesla products

Since the company was founded, several major brands have gradually decided to work with Tesla. Lotus, Daimler and Toyota are expanding their range of electrically powered cars in collaboration with newcomer Tesla.
Electronics giant Panasonic is working with Tesla on a new type of batteries and Apple is even interested in a takeover or at least a collaboration with the ambitious company. As the company profiles itself more and more with useful and affordable products, the line of investors and interested companies will only increase.

The (possible) future

It is clear that these are exciting times for Tesla. But the objectives of Tesla are also promising for ordinary consumers. It may be clear that these developments will have an impact on daily life. In addition to using energy more consciously, it will also have a positive impact on the environment.

Partly as a result of Tesla's efforts, the threshold fear for purchasing an electric car will shrink. The other money and energy-saving applications and inventions will eventually bring about a change in mentality among consumers and companies. Sustainable energy will gradually lose its utopian label and become established as a fully-fledged source of energy.

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