So you paid to get a a fantastic website designed with flash videos and everything nice. Then while waiting at the cash counter, you brought out your newly bought iPhone4S and made a decision to check out your own website.

Lo and behold, you see maybe half the screen after 3 minutes of loading and buffering.

Websites May not be Mobile Ready
This is definitely quite normal.
Websites are not designed to appear on mobile devices in optimum time.Because of this , it may get expensive to browse websites on mobile devices.Plus your flash videos aren't going to play on iOS so your iPhones and iPads will be unable to view those video content.

Just what exactly is the next step?
You'll need a mobile site, not a smaller version of your site but a site made for the mobile users under consideration. More people expect you to have a mobile site for fast navigation and ease of use. Mobile sites will not be static brochure pages but an easy method for you to interact and engage with your prospects and clients.

You will want complete new type of a website that's got the mobile users experience in mind.Let have a look at this next image; that's a mobile site designed with the mobile user in mind.It loads quickly, has everything required at one glance, and with easy navigation.
However you can allow it to look fanciful and colorful with logos and graphics.I favor to maintain it simple because having images will need extra time to load including it utilizing my precious online real-estate.

But you certainly can have logos and images to increase the aesthetic look. You just need to bear those factors on your mind inside your design in order that it isn't going to fill up the page nor take a long time to load.
So is your web site mobile ready?
Will the millions and billions of mobile users prefer to wait for your page to load or are they going to go somewhere else?Do you find yourself reaching out to mobile users - who're increasing by the seconds or are you being left behind?

It is no longer a luxury to have a mobile site but a necessity - if you want to tap into mobile users. Mobile sites have been shown to increase page view, conversion rate and therefore sales. Even if your business does not have a website, you need a mobile site, because by 2014, mobile users will be the norm.

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Louisa has posted a video with explanation on how to make a mobile friendly blog site ( on her blog.

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