ISO 9001 is the ultimate certification for businesses that helps keep their customers satisfied. It can be said that one of the goals of the ISO 9001 certification is to ensure that a business provides its customers with a rewarding experience with their products or services. There is a particular section in the standard that mentions ‘improving the customer journey’. It says, “The organization shall determine and select opportunities for improvement and implement any necessary actions to meet customer requirements and enhance customer satisfaction.” This means that ISO 9001 requires you to meet customers’ expectations and increase their satisfaction level consistently. It subsequently can helps you to maintain a loyal customer base and also turn first-time buyers into repetitive buyers.


However, how does ISO 9001 ensure customer satisfaction? The satisfaction of the customers’ needs to be evaluated, monitored, and documented with appropriate datasets. It is necessary to initiate corrective actions and improvement actions that are required to enhance their satisfaction level.


Here is how ISO 9001 helps improve customer experiences with specific processes.



Identification of Parameters for Customer Satisfaction


To begin with the processes that aim at improving customer satisfaction, you need to first identify the measures to measure customers’ satisfaction. You can primarily measure it through surveys, feedback forms, and ratings. You can also review customer data over time by tracking the number of purchases made, returns or refund claims, enquires submitted, and warranty claims.


Monitoring and Measuring Customer Satisfaction


When you have implemented some effective methods to get data on customer satisfaction, the next thing to do is to initiate a number of continuous actions for it. The ISO 9001 guidelines mention that a business should evaluate its customer satisfaction level consistently with the help of statistics or data collected through surveys or different feedback systems. You should monitor or track the data to know how successful your business is in fulfilling the expectations of customers. Monitoring customer demand trend is also useful as you can know whether your products or services are liked by customers and in which regions/markets and among which demographic sections. Request for a star rating is another way to collect and monitor your customer satisfaction. Evaluating and monitoring various forms of customer feedback ultimately help you to decide what is correctly being done to keep your customers contented and what should be changed or improved to keep them as your customers in the long run.


Customer Complaints


Another crucial way to measure customer satisfaction is by reviewing customer complaints. This may be the least comfortable area for your business, as it reflects the grievances or negative experiences of certain customers, however, working to address customer complaints is necessary to make sure your business does not fall into the same mistakes repeatedly. 


Dealing with unsatisfied customers is no doubt challenging but being able to solve their problems by taking immediate corrective measures can prevent serious damage to your reputation. Thanks to social media platforms, customers have an easy platform to share and aggravate their negative experiences with a company which can worsen the situation and cause reputation damage, so make sure you have an effective customer complaint mechanism that helps to report complaints, analyze them, and resolve them as soon as possible.


Documentation of Customer Satisfaction


The last but a significant aspect of improving your customer journey is documenting data on customer satisfaction. Along with monitoring, organize the statistics or data and document it in detail so that your management can come up with effective strategies to boost the satisfaction level. Documentation mainly involves manually recording the data from customer surveys, feedback forms, enquiry forms, and purchase histories. 


Customer satisfaction is perhaps the most crucial parameter to measure your business success. The ISO 9001 certification helps attain it with the establishment of processes that helps to know what each customer thinks and give opportunities to the business to meet their expectations.  Customer satisfaction is important because it is a way to keep cash flowing into a business consistently. A loyal customer base that keeps purchasing your products or services and also refers them to other new customers is the solid foundation for the success of your business.

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