Sananga is great way to cleanse all your negative energy from your body. Keep reading for sananga: how it helps you live a more positive life

There are more individuals in the United States currently on antidepressants than any other medication. Depression is just from one of the many ailments the country faces on a daily basis, with many individuals turning to holistic healing as a way to seek out potential relief. Sananga is one such treatment that has been found to help reduce depression along with a number of other conditions.

If you would like to learn more about holistic and ayurvedic medicine, and the powers of the Sananga read on for more information.

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What is Sananga

Sananga is an ancient medicine originally used among native tribes in the Amazon. The medicine is actually absorbed through the tear docs and taken in a manner similar to eye drops.

Sananga has typically extracted from a specific Amazonian plant known in the area as Malthahines. The plant is actually a bush tree that is commonly used by various Indian tribes throughout the Amazon.

The roots are used to create a juice like liquid that then becomes a powerful substance known as Sananga.

In the Amazon, the main purpose of sananga is to heighten night vision before going on a hunt.

Today and number of holistic practitioners use sananga for different reasons. The eye drops of have found a prominent place in Ayahuasca ceremonies, due to their ability to help enhance spiritual insight and to easily open the third eye.

Since sananga is considered to be an incredibly potent medicinal option, it is advised to seek out assistance someone with experience.

The Benefits of Sananga

Despite the fact that sananga has been used by countless generations in the Amazon, it is only now that we're getting a full grasp of the numerous healing properties that it holds.

Some of the  spiritual and physical medicinal benefits of sananga include:

  • treatment for cataracts
  • treatment for glaucoma
  • treatment for astigmatism
  • treatment for both nearsightedness and farsightedness
  • natural detoxification in the body of bad energies and toxins
  • substance addiction treatment
  • depression treatment
  • opening of the third eye
  • clarity and spiritual vision
  • enhances visual perception and the ability to view extra colors
  • freedom from suppressed or blocked emotions and memories
  • the ability to reset energetic fields

With such benefits, it's easy to see how sananga can find it's placed in anyone's daily holistic routine. Not only can It help treat life-altering conditions, but it can also enhance the current mental and spiritual stage.

How to Take Sananga

It is believed that our eyes are one of the most sensitive organs in the body, which is why taking sananga can initially feel like a painful experience. It is recommended to only use one to three drops in each eye, after which you will feel a strong vibration throughout the body.

After taking sananga you may experience an intense burning that can go on for several minutes. Many individuals believe that the burning is part of the healing process and that by simply breathing deeply and rooting yourself into the pain your body can easily fall into a more relaxed position where it will be open to receiving the natural benefits.

In fact, it's believed that by allowing yourself to fully feel the pain, you will tap into a state of spiritual clarity. You'll find that you feel incredibly relaxed after sananga usage, and even more open to being guided by the universe.

It's suggested to seek out further info on sananga to feel fully comfortable before trying it.

Additional Holistic Treatments for Cleansing Energy

Sananga is just one of the many ways to heal your energy in a natural and holistic way. There are additional methods that may not be as potent but could work for beginners that are looking to cleanse the energy within and around them.


Sage or Salvia, is frequently used in smudging ceremonies to help clean the energy around homes and even places of work.

This powerful herb can be burned during meditation, however, it's important to remember that Sage clears all energy not just negative energy. So you may want to light additional incense to replace some of the good energy that will be going out with the bad.

Palo Santo

Palo Santo, or holy stick, can found natively in Mexico as well as in South America. It was traditionally used by the Incas as a way to remove negative energy from their homes and to help send good fortune to family and loved ones.

If you're not a fan of the scent of sage, you may enjoy the lighter and sweeter fragrance of Palo Santo. As an extra perk, the smell can also keep away mosquitoes and bugs during the warmer months.


Sweetgrass is another herb commonly used in Native American rituals as a way to cleanse energy. You can typically find it braided into three strands that represent kindness, honesty, and love.

Not only is sweetgrass said to cleanse energy, but it's also known for its ability to bring home good energy, and to invite familiar spirits to dwell within the home.

Taking the Right Steps to a Happy and Positive Life

Sananga is just one of the options you can take in order to create a more satisfactory lifestyle. However, it's important to remember that practicing positive energy is a daily discipline what can be done in a variety of ways.

If you're looking to dive even deeper into your personal growth and lifestyle, check out some of our blogs on spirituality. No matter your belief system, it always helps to train your mind to focus on bringing in the positive and removing the negative to carefully craft the life you truly want.

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