The more channels of revenue you have as an ITSP service provider, the better it is. You can reduce prices, gain more customers and remain profitable. Businesses would love to switch over to hosted IP PBX provided they are assured zero-errors in calls and precision in billing. Many businesses still stay with on-premise IP PBX due to perceived advantages that can be nullified with the right multi-tenant IP PBX software you offer as a service.

The latest and the best with all bells and whistles
A strong selling point for on-premise IP PBX is that it supposedly allows users to customize a lot of features. The point is: do you really need to customize a whole bunch of features when there is no need or when the hosted IP PBX software’s customization is sufficient? Business users will see the practical sense in this. Pile it on by pointing out yet another advantage of the hosted IP PBX in that it has all the latest bells and whistles plus modularity so that they pay for what they need and can scale up or down as they please.

Hosted means there is built in redundancy that assures 24x7 availability of service. What happens when your internal hardware develops a fault? The entire IP PBX shuts down throwing communications out of gear.

If that is not convincing enough, there is more.

Multi-tenancy – the key word
Catch the big fish. This is where the money is.
Translated, it means you go after enterprises that have several departments and multi-location branches. In this scenario an on-premise IP PBX is going to be expensive and difficult to manage in segregating costs as well as department or branch-wise configurability. Offer them the multi-tenancy feature and see if they do not like the idea.

Multi-tenancy has quite a few attractions:

•Businesses can assign each department as a tenant for cost control, call control and for ease of use within each department that can set up its own configured rule set.

•Likewise, such large scale enterprises can designate a branch location as a tenant and then the departments as sub-tenants in a tree-branch structure. Each department can maintain different set of records, set of phone numbers and data.

NP Commodities set up this type of model and today, they find they have granular level control as well as data of communications across their departments and across branches in different control. Yet, they have unified communications that also allows team collaborations. Would that be possible and so easy as well as affordable with on-premise IP PBX?

The huge recurring monthly bills bogey

IP PBX software vendors like to push on-premise systems. As an ITSP you can promote Hosted IP PBX by having multi-tenant IP PBX software in place. The claimed advantage of on-premise IP PBX is that you invest upfront but operational expenses are low. Such claims do not factor in cost of maintenance personnel and upgrades. Hosted IPPBX as a service does entail regular subscription but what clients pay actually comes out of earnings. The money they save on investing in on-premise IP PBX can be pumped into the business. Plus, your customers always have best backup support and the latest set of features like conferencing, SMS/voice broadcast and WebRTC, if needed plus unified communications.

Security concerns

Hosted IP PBX solutions are no less secure. On the contrary, vendors have to make extra efforts for security since they cannot afford a denial of service attack, phishing or malware. It would affect their reputation and impact revenues. Multi-tenant hosted IP PBX system providers usually put in place layers of security and session border controllers to handle VoIP network security.

What applies to clients applies to you
The multi-tenancy feature of hosted IP PBX is just perfect for ITSPs to grow IP PBX as a service and yet manage thousands of customers with ease.

• You use the multi-tenancy feature to define tenant and sub-tenant.

• You can set different rates for different tenants and sub-tenants.

• You can assign rights and set permissions and keep all channels distinctive

• Generate each tenant-wise report whenever needed

• Monitor all activities per tenant on an ongoing basis.

• Never have to worry about downtime or maintenance or upgrades – the vendor does it—you focus on sales

Every business, small or large, needs IP PBX. As an ITSP you can grab a larger slice of the IP PBX market, which, according to GM Insight, is expected to grow at a rate of 15%. Find the right multi-tenant IP PBX software vendor and you are good to go with a rich feature set that includes SMS broadcast, WebRTC and, of course, the full IP PBX feature set.

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