Kanban is a methodology for quick marketing. It helps the marketing department manage their workflows by visualizing the work done. Kanban originates from Japan and translates to signal card. Its implementation was during the era of the Just in Time Policy (JIT) that enabled plants in Japan as many parts as the market demands at a particular time. The idea was to save resources by not making too many parts.

When development teams decide to use Kanban, they will have a big list of user stories that need addressing. For business owners, it is their responsibility to maintain and priorities what should top the list because those working under them wait for instruction on what to do.

Before we get into the details of how Kanban can help a digital marketing team in India, here are some of its major components

Visualizing Workflow

New ideas or stories about a project become part of the workflow. These ideas come from entrepreneurs and project managers or any stakeholder.

Paths for Moving Stories

Visualization of the story and its movement is crucial in developing transparency, making Kanban the best option for quick processing.

Limitations of the Work in Progress (WIP)

Every column has a limit to make sure no new item can be processed until when the column is empty

Continuous Releases

A product running through the Kanban system hits the market as soon as it is out of the production line.

How Kanban is Helpful to a Digital Marketing Expert in India

Prioritizing Workflow While Maintain a Reasonable Backlog

Marketing departments fail to look at the backlog of work by concentrating on current product development. The model Kanban uses means that projects move by pulling the next item from the top of the list. This implies that any new addition not added to the backlog may not get the marketing team’s attention.

Creates Transparency in the Team

The visual cues in the Kanban system encourage team members to do the necessary according to demands. A certified digital marketing expert will know what to do instead of asking for any help from the team.

Using this approach in a collaborative environment, it becomes clear on how far the project is to completion. This kind of workflow provides the visualization other parties need to help the department move forward.

Marketing expert uses Kanban in their team to look at the project as an outsider and know the expected completion date.

Consistency of Workflow with WIP limits

The best digital marketing expert in India knows that the creation of apparent limitations on the level of work on each Kanban columns maintains consistency in workflow. Using the WIP limits means that the digital team can focus on backlog before moving to the next phase.

Digital marketing teams may release small details about their campaign as soon as it is ready as opposed to waiting for the entire campaign project to be prepared.

Elimination of Timed Release

Best digital marketing experts prefer to use the Kanban system for efficient marketing because it does not put conditions on when the project is to be complete. The Kanban approach works better when relating it to the market and the department’s style of work. A limited system is just that, limited to restrictions.

In the real market, there are bound to change and to have an idle time to do something else is a challenge. The constant changes might strain the marketing team and made much worse if a critical thing brought in, which in such cases they lose focus.

Best digital marketing experts thrive when they have no limits to control their progress. Marketers are humans and indeed different; that is why some digital marketing experts will work well under regular checks and time limits.

Creates Order in the Hiring Process

If the digital marketing department is looking for the best digital marketing expert in India, they can implement the Kanban in filling the first position on the list before moving to the next one. The team can acquire an app that tracks applicants and store their information for ease of access.

Tracking Sales on the Kanban Board

It may reach a point where the need for a CRM app becomes inevitable. Best digital marketing experts firms always want to see the sales progress. The team can choose to use different platforms such as the SaaS for sales teams or a CRM targeting marketing freelancers.

Use of these apps can help track areas of sales that are not visible such as how to manage the overall sales strategy, pulling possible leads, or use them to turn clients’ contact details into Kanban cards.

Setting up Budgets and Accurate Timing

Kanban board list helps shorten the project cycle timing by improving digital marketing team productivity. Each team member is given several tasks and duration to finish the job. The time cycle is a measure the managers’ use to gauge the possible time that a given project can take to be ready.

The accuracy in timing and budgeting helps in planning for future projects.


Management of projects using the visual Kanban listing proves to be one of the most effective ways of controlling project development and workflow. A digital marketing expert in India looking for a way of monitoring projects in an instance without worrying needs to implement the Kanban boards.

Kanban works in the same manner as for task boards. They both monitor projects from start to finish. When coming up with a task board design, put into focus relevant ideas and tasks that should help in the development process. The workspaces from within Kanban are suitable for collaboration and file storage location that team members can access. The sharing option is only available when the department’s project is using a cloud-based application.

Kanban visual boards also help the digital marketing team to identify bottlenecks, unassigned tasks, and missed deadlines in one place. Solving such issues means following through the board’s workspace by following and managing any communication gaps. Best digital marketing experts use this to monitor the activities of all team members.

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