Karate has been significantly linked with fighting principles where your main weapon is your own body. It is basically a Japanese art for fighting and keeping oneself prepared and secured all the time. Learning from the very initial stage of your childhood definitely helps one get stronger and tougher. Karate is more than just an art of fighting, have a look at the following points:
Karate helps making your child stronger: It has been observed that some schools offer special karate classes to their students. Research says children starting such healthy activities from such a minor age will remain stronger till their old age. The bones become prone to handling tough and harsh circumstances. The movements made while doing karate are so forceful that they ultimately make your children’s bones stronger turning you them into powerful human beings. The sense of confidence and self reliance amongst children increases as well.
Safer and secure: Had your children been fully trained since childhood, they will be able to cope up easily with any unforeseen situation. Instead of the usual fight weapons such as the swords and guns, the Karate activities cultivate a personal arsenal of punches, kicks and deflection techniques. These practices make children open to the world around them, making them better equipped to handle any attack. Often, children are bullied at school; it is a better option to have them trained in Karate skills for their self defense.
Healthy kids: Karate is a healthy exercising activity that helps kids to stay active in their daily routines. A daily movement of bones and limbs helps them getting stronger and tougher. Regular karate practice will keep their minds active and fresh. Moreover, this daily routine of practicing Karate will absolutely make your child physically fit and secure, too. This avoids many unforeseen health catastrophes. Karate is equivalent to any other mode of exercise the only difference is that it includes art of self defense, too. It is believed that movement of limbs help avoid thousands of potential illnesses, hence, Karate helps in retaining a healthy body, mind and soul.
The Physics of Karate: Experts have experimented with the fundamental principles of physics and combined them with the karate science. While a fight between two people, both fighters bring a certain amount of energy to the situation. The total amount of potential energy depends on the fighters' size, muscle strength and physical health. The purpose of karate is to use your body to channel this energy. Hence, the better transfer of energy levels helps boost immune system of the body. Several health problems are prevented by practicing karate on regular basis. Once you have a habit of using your karate skills in everyday life, you’ll be a hero of your own life.
Psychological well being: Karate practices have proven to be an approach towards psychological well being. Some Karate masters believe in a more peaceful application of the fighting principles. In this form, properly called karate-do, or "karate way," karate is seen as an all encompassing approach to life, rather than only a system for combating. Karatekas curb their punches, concentrating mainly on physical, spiritual and mental development rather than competition. They strongly focus on respect for discipline and self control.

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