There are many ways by which we can know that your ketu is giving Good result or bad result, its the lucky planet or not.

If we hear anyone talking about materialistc thing or the things with it we don't have any relation and by hearing it from any third person we start thinking about the thing, we think by gooing deep, start evaluating.

Just disturbed by the people in your surroundings if they do anything bad or anything bad happens in your neighbour or with your known and you start thinking about that. You dnt have focus on work get influenced by people easily either they are good or bad that doesn't matter for you. You are not at peace you are always on war withyourself VEDIC ASTROLOGY RED BOOK VASTU SHASTRA NUMEROLOGY RAMAL SHASTRA you dnt want to learn secret science and you thing these all are fake that's the work ,ketu creates illusion.

People are depressed in one sector. Marriage, love, financial in abybe one o f then.They mind always think in negative.

We can’t blam only Ketu for whatever wrong is happening due to it only. Actually, its combination with other planets, may harm for particular house, or in particular dasha. You can consider it is good for all houses, and also it is bad too.

Author's Bio: 

Sri Tulasi is a professional astrologer having more than 15 years of experience.