Current affairs play an important part in our lives. Their main function lies in educating us and making us a more knowledgeable being. It is our knowledge of the current affairs that decides how well we understand the world and our approach towards the same. A person who has a better understanding of the world can deal with the problems in a better manner. Also, it is very important to gain knowledge on different areas, and not only confine it to a specific field of knowledge. For example, economy current affairs are not only for people dealing in that area but for all of us. It is very important for us to know how country is prospering and what are its strengths and weaknesses. Like based on the GDP of 2011, necessary changes will be made in 2012 which would lead the country to progress.

Education is very important in today's time. However, knowledge of textbooks is not sufficient to survive in today's world. A large portion of our education is received from the things around us and the environment we live in. This environment includes the world we live in, with its own share of evils and strengths. This world is run by people who are chosen by us. Therefore, it is important for us to know what is happening around us and why is it happening. If we play a passive role and confine our knowledge to our parents or relatives or a particular field of sports, we are not making full use of democracy. Current affairs like economy, science and technology, business etc are equally important and can be interesting if we make it a habit to gain knowledge about them.

Current affairs, as we all know serve a dual purpose. They make us aware but are equally important for a successful career. Today, majority of career fields hire candidates who have a good knowledge of the current affairs. For example, entrance exams like bank exams demand candidates with a good general knowledge. So if a candidate has to apply for a bank exam in 2012, he/she must be acquainted with all the current affairs of 2011 and 2012.

How are life is dependent on current affair knowledge is very much evident. However, it depends on us, how much we open ourselves to the world and communicate with the society. We must not read newspapers about economy of India or the major events of 2012, only to prepare for bank exam or any other exam but must make them a part of our daily life.

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