Open surgeries have been used to cure a wide variety of illnesses and injuries of centuries, from minor ailment to life or death situations. However, technical advancement has led to the evolution of a simpler, smarter, and more innovative surgical method, i.e., laparoscopic surgery. From its earlier humble avatar to the sophisticated procedure of today, it has expanded the horizons far beyond. Today, it is possible to perform laparoscopic surgery in Bangalore, almost every condition that requires open surgery. Surgeons use it for more varieties than ever before. Due to its inherent capabilities and benefits, it offers a more effective alternative to open surgery.

Application of laparoscopic surgery

Laparoscopic surgery has been used for management of:
• General: Benign pancreatic lesions, liver tumors, gallbladder surgeries, gastric bypass GERD (Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease).
• Lung: Lung tumors, esophageal cancer, and other diseases.
• Gynecology: Endometriosis, gynecologic cancers such as ovarian or cervical, uterine bleeding, fibroids, uterine prolapse, ovarian cysts.
• Head and neck: Oropharyngeal cancers, thyroid cancer.
• Heart: Mitral valve prolapse and repair, atrial fibrillation, atrial septal defect.
• Urological disorders: Bladder cancer, kidney disorders such as stones, blockage and cyst, cancer of the kidney, kidney removal, vaginal prolapse, prostate cancer.
The list is not all-inclusive. Doctors use laparoscopy to treat every condition that can be treated using conventional open surgeries.

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Benefits of laparoscopic surgery over open surgery
Fewer complications and risks

Traditional open surgery requires larger incisions to be made. It is because the surgeon can evaluate the area around the surgery site and have better access to the affected part. Laparoscopic surgery doesn’t need large incisions. The instrument laparoscope is a thin tube with a light source, and the camera at the end is inserted through a keyhole-sized incision. It maneuvers around, and the surgeon monitors it on the screen while performing surgery. The incisions require fewer sutures to close it. Since the opening is tiny, the risk of infection or complications gets minimized.

Faster recovery

It is a key benefit of the laparoscopic procedure. The recovery time is far less than conventional open surgery. Patients can expect to be able to resume work and other activities much early. Usually, they return home the same day (or the next day at the most). There are precautions that need to be followed for some time.

Less pain

This procedure creates smaller wounds, which cause much less pain during the recovery period after surgery. It means patients are less reliant on painkillers. They can move around much faster. Since there is less pain, it is better psychological support as well. One needn’t worry about the pain when moving around or performing the daily chores.

Cosmetic benefits

Small incisions do not leave visible scars. Of course, the cosmetic benefits don’t have a significant priority; they can be important for a few. Mainly if the surgery happens in a visible place on the body.


With so many benefits compared to traditional open surgery; it is no wonder that laparoscopic surgery is being demanded today more than ever. It is indeed a safe alternative to open surgery. It causes less trauma and less blood loss. The patients get recovered fast, and they stay in the hospital for a short time. However, it is costlier than open surgery because of its technical complexity and sophistication.

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Laparoscopy is a kind of medical procedure that utilizations littler cuts than you may anticipate. The procedure takes its name from the laparoscope, a slim device that has a minor camcorder and light on the end. At the point when a specialist embeds it through a little cut and into your body, they can take a gander at a video screen and see what's going on inside you.