Oral health is of primary importance for everyone but when we need to take treatments for the dental problems, it would always be a nightmare. The usual methods that involve powerful anesthesia, pain, bleeding and swellings are creating fear and anxiety among people. Many ways are being adopted by dentists to treat the patients and laser dentistry is one of the best methods with advanced laser technology for treating dental problems. Integrity Dental represents very sophisticated and advanced development in the supportive technology of dentistry today. Lasers are safe, minimally invasive and offer a more comfortable treatment experience for you. Laser dentistry is the application of laser for dental care. This is really an effective, useful procedure for treating almost all the dental problems. Patients with soft tissues, poor dental health and sensitive teeth can go for the laser dentistry for their dental problems. The laser dentistry gives less pain compared to other treatment dental treatment methods which is very favorable for the patients. Many of the laser procedures don’t need anesthesia at all. Also, there is lesser bleeding for the patients. The laser beam from the laser equipment is germ-free and avoids the post-surgical infections and provides faster healing of the treated tissues. The sutures are not required in this laser dentistry because of lesser bleeding. Since the laser beams are focused only on the affected regions, the nearby tissues are not damaged during surgery which is an added advantage. This treatment is approved by the FDA and it is recommended for small kids and old aged people also. Laser dentistry has been successful in treatment of decayed tooth, enamel problems, fillings, oral cavities and gum care.

Here at Integrity Dental, Laser Dentists applied Laser Dentistry for various procedures such as:
Dental fillings: The laser used for the dental fillings are capable of destroying the bacteria in the cavity and allows tooth restoration. But this cannot be done as replacement of amalgam fillings or crowns.

Teeth whitening: Low intensive laser beams are used in teeth whitening instead of bleaching agents.

Crown lengthening: Reshaping of bones and gum tissue, the laser beam is used. This supports foundation for placement of restoration.

Frenectomy: The tongue-tie which causes problems with speech in children is released by this laser treatment without sutures or anesthesia.

Lesion removal: In cancer treatment, a small tissue or biopsy can be removed from mouth for cancer examination using laser dentistry. It is also effective in treating mouth ulcers.

Smile improvements: Gum tissues can be reshaped in order to provide healthy tooth structure and improve smile.

Cavity detection: The cavity can be detected earlier by examining the released by-products of the tooth decay.

Cold sore treatment: Core sore can be treated effectively with less pain and faster healing.

Root canal treatment: The Root Canal Treatment is done with the Photon Induced Photo acoustic Streaming.

These are the main treatments in dentistry using laser application but there are still more applications. Let us see, some of the advantages and limitations of the laser dentistry.

At Integrity Dental, Laser Dentists endeavor to provide you with the highest level of service and care that will exceed your expectations. Our highly educated staff are personally passionate and motivated about helping you achieve your goals and doing so in the most professional and caring ways.

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Adler Conway is an expert writer and social worker who are specializing in Dental health. He believes that, in our age, it's time for parents and educators to make sure parents and students alike are educated about dental health and dental care.