I love my life journey. I continually strive to expand my life and be of service to others. The mental block walls I run into are limiting beliefs I have about myself. These beliefs erode my confidence and they can also make me feel I am less than a woman than I am.

I know intellectually this is B.S., but emotionally I hang on to these beliefs as if they were the truth. What makes this so difficult is that I don’t know what I don’t know. I do not know what belief I have that holds me back. It can be frustrating at times because I know there is something there, I just don’t know what.

So what do I do?

I read, I pray, I meditate and I talk about what is going on in my head. What my past experience has proven is if I do this, sooner or later the situation that instilled the limiting belief in me will pop up and I can address it.

That happened to me this past Friday. It happened, of all places, in a small group meeting at my church. We were in deep discussion around a variety of questions and the question was asked to all: ‘Recall a time when someone you loved suffered. How did you respond?’

I was emotional about this question and couldn’t figure out why. When I got home that evening I decided to meditate on it and within 10 minutes … Bingo!

I was taken back to my best friend Brenda from high school. Her mother had passed away giving birth to her. She was raised by a father who mourned his wife. You can imagine my friend had a hole in her soul she was always searching to fill. She contracted leukemia and passed away at 20 years old never being able to fill that hole.

I was taken back to the young woman I was at the time and can clearly see that I decided to take on the task of trying to fill her hole and I had failed to accomplish that before she passed. Today, I can see that it was never my responsibility to take on that task. There was no way I could have possibly succeeded.

What that limiting belief has been doing to me is holding me back to fully give of myself in service today. I was afraid I would fail others like I failed my best friend from my youth. On Friday night, I was able to let go of that limiting belief. Immediately, I felt as if a 50 pound weight had been lifted off of my soul.

And my confidence, it has soared. Life is good.

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