Links are just like streets on a map of Google search. They show Google how popular a page or website is among masses. It also indicates connection between different websites. In short, we can say that Links are a very important strategy of SEO optimization to get good or top position in Google ranking.

According to Andrian Morrison, right placement of links can increase traffic on your website or blog. Apart from this, Links are also used to judge how trust worthy a website is. Making it concise, Google decides with the number and quality of links whether a website is spam, authority or trust. Andrian Morrison a famous internet marketing guru encourages his pupils to never avoid role of link building while making strategy for internet marketing.

Andrian Morrison is a young millionaire with a successful business of internet marketing. He is one of those lucky and intelligent individuals who understand tide of the time. No doubt, this is the era of internet and you can get a lot of opportunities here on cyber world. Andrian along with his brother Anthony Morrison has made a fortune out of internet. He is a successful and renowned entrepreneur with a million dollar heart.

He runs charities and grooms a number of individuals to make their living out of internet marketing. He has shared a number of tricks and tips to generate more and more traffic with the help of link building. Let us have a look on how link building can help in making our internet marketing strategy more effective.

An Indicator for Search Engines:
Although Google rules the world of search engines and internet marketing, there are probably hundreds of other search engines as well. Hence, it is very important to adjust your internet marketing strategy in such a way that your website remains popular on all of the search engines. To get top position on all search engines it is very necessary that you must understand how this works.

- More the links associated to a site, more popular it is. You can understand this by taking Wikipedia as an example. There are probably thousands of other websites associated with Wikipedia.

- Local Links are preferred over foreign links. The term "local links" was first introduced by Teoma search engine. It means if you have a website selling herbal products, earning links from beautician websites will matter more than earning links from lifestyle website.

- Anchor text is a strong indication for search engines. Probably the name suggests what the function is. Anchor text gives rich link building. Search engines get the signal that the website is quite popular and is not spam.

- Earning links from trust worthy websites. About 60% of the websites on internet are spam. Keeping in mind this enormous number, search engines has set a system to evaluate number of links earned from trust worthy websites. There are websites who have made their reputation on internet. These websites are a great place to be noticed. However, you must keep in mind that earning links on these websites is not an easy task.

- Always earn fresh links. There are websites that were once popular, authentic and allowed links leading to get top position on search engines. But today these websites are stagnant. They do not share fresh content any more. Hence these websites are not much ideal for link building.

- Links shared on social media often go viral; search engines never forget social media when ranking websites.

How to Create Genuine and Successful links:
There are hundreds and thousands of link building strategies used on internet. No two link building strategies are exactly alike. You might see inspired strategies, but there is a lot of room for creativity. The basics for link building are same for all campaigns. Following are given three basic link achieving strategies.

1- Natural links are number one source to get notice on search engines. These links usually require no specific SEO actions only original and related content.

2- Manual link building is another reliable source of link building. This strategy includes submitting links on other blogs, submitting links on article directories and paid listings of links.

3- This one is the trickiest and risky of all steps. This includes links in comments, in profile, in book signings and in forum signatures. Google has very strict policy in dealing with such links. These links are mostly considered spam. therefore it is advised that use such kind of links very carefully as abuse of these links can end disastrously, there are examples of Google banning websites due to excessive links for promotion.

Author's Bio: 

Adrian Morrison is a well known Internet Marketer, Business consultant and publisher.
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Adrian C Morrison (born November, 14, 1984) is an American entrepreneur, investor businessman, self-help author and motivational speaker. He has written over 2 books which have combined sales of over 100,000 copies.

Life and Career

Morrison was born and raised in Madison. He attended a small private school and then went on to the University of Mississippi in Oxford, MS where he was a Pre-Law Major. While attending college Adrian saw his brother have massive success with Internet Marketing and decided to explore it himself.

At the age of 22 he launched his first Internet website... This experience encouraged him into continuing creating many more websites and businesses online. His success has made him one of the most sought after and highly paid speakers on Internet Marketing in the country.

After his successes both in the speaking world and on the Internet Morrison decided to write his first books in 2012 "Social Media Profits From Home" and “Fast Track To Commissions”. These books have been featured on national television by Success TV.

At the age of 28 Adrian was engaged to his girlfriend of 10 years.

Media Appearances

Adrian Morrison has appeared in many local newspapers for his success online as well as his charitable donations and willingness to help underprivileged children.

Currently Adrian Morrison constantly updates content on his blog and YouTube channel …

You can also catch Adrian on television on the show Success TV where he talks about the two books he's written as well as his success online.


For the last 4 years Adrian Morrison has taught people from many different backgrounds how to do Internet marketing. He's taught people search engine and social media marketing with the ultimate goal of teaching a person how to grow their business and thus achieving financial independence.