Locksmiths are trained to perform various lock repairs and maintenance. But before they can fix the problem, they first need to open the lock to expose its mechanism. This makes many of our customers wonder: how locksmith open door locks?
Take note that locksmiths will also use the following methods if you got locked out. Each approach differs and applies to various situations.
Non-destructive methods
Non-destructive methods of opening a lock do not damage any of the hardware. This is done if the lock has to be repaired, rekeyed, or maintained. Also, locksmiths perform non-destructive lock opening to retain the quality of the locks and prevent premature replacement.
There are many ways on how locksmith open door in a non-destructive way. The most common here is picking. Our locksmiths here at Cobra Locksmiths use a tension wrench into the keyhole as well as a rake to disarm the lock.
Other non-destructive methods include sliding the latch open, bumping, snapping, and using a master key. All these methods maintain the quality of your lock so it will be repaired as necessary.
Remember, though, the non-destructive methods may take longer to use than non-destructive ones.
Destructive methods
If the door failed to open using non-destructive methods, the locksmith would decide to employ a destructive approach. Take note that this is the last resort as our locksmiths will always exhaust all non-destructive means to deal with the situation.
Moreover, destructive methods are used on stubborn locks or those that are highly secured and can’t be opened through picking.
The most common method used here is drilling the lock open. Still, the locksmith will always try to minimize the damage on the locks.
In the worst case scenario, the door will be forced open, especially if someone is locked inside and has to be accessed as soon as possible. If you’re in a rush and cost isn’t a big deal, destructive methods offer the fastest solution sometimes.
What method applies for your locks?
Only a certified and well trained locksmith can tell what applies to your locks. Upon the arrival of our locksmiths, they will assess the situation and employ non-destructive methods. However, if these efforts don’t come into fruition, they will recommend a destructive entry. This, of course, is subject to your permission.
Nevertheless, you can count on our highly professional locksmiths in New York to have the right tools and skills for every lock situation. All of them are trained with the latest techniques and technologies to avoid the use of destructive methods.
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