Idly is a delicacy that we’ve all come to enjoy. Its soft texture, when combined with some home-cooked chutney, can make you feel like you are in bliss. Even though idly is a South-Indian delicacy, it is well loved all over India. Idly is known for being both a healthy dish and one that tastes great. It is such a versatile dish that it can be had in multiple ways and still give your stomach the feeling of fullness and satisfaction.

Being so easy to cook, idly is ideal for families that want to give everyone something healthy without going through the hassle of taking the effort to cook something good. Idly all by itself can help you cover all the nutritional needs that a family might have. Idly is rich in important minerals and vitamins that help your body digest food faster. It is a great source of energy that helps make sure that people who lead a very active life keep on enjoying their time.

Even though idly is such an iconic dish, most people don’t have enough information on how to keep it or store it in good conditions.

Everyone loves idly, but when it comes to buying idly batter online, people are not sure about important things like - how long can it be stored in their fridge? Should it be for a couple of days or for a week? Can I use my batter for even longer than that? Because idly is such a convenient dish to make, most people think that they can keep using it for as long a time as possible.

Instant Idly batter can generally be used for a period of one to three days. The best batter can give you idly with great flavour and good texture. When you are using good batter, you get more than one benefit. The obvious one is that you get to eat something healthy as much as you want to your heart’s content. The other important part is that the batter that is prepared well, stays fresher for a longer amount of time. This means that you don’t have to worry about the taste or the batter going sour in 3-4 days. The next obvious question you might have is ‘Where can you get good idly batter that guarantees great taste and freshness?’

iD Fresh Idly Dosa batter is the best of both worlds. It lets you make delicious idlis in no time at all. The batter lasts for a whole week in refrigeration and gives you the same fresh, homemade taste throughout.

The secret to making the perfect idly or dosa is passed down from one generation to the next. With iD, it just got a whole lot easier without losing the magic of the age-old tradition.

Here’s how you can make yummy idly using iD Fresh Idly Dosa batter:

Wash the pack before you use the batter.

Cut open the pack and add salt if required. The batter is only mildly salted.

If you are making idlies, directly scoop the batter out and pour it into the idly steamer. Stir the batter before pouring it into the moulds of the idly steamer for the softest idlies

If you are making dosas, add some water to dilute the batter. After dilution, the batter can no longer be used to make idlies.

To make the perfect dosa, stir the batter before pouring it out on the pan and spreading it.

Serve hot with an accompaniment of your choice.

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