A price gun is an indispensable tool for multiple businesses regardless of its small size. Using a pricing gun makes it easier and fast to price items. It is also useful in keeping inventory in order. The labels are standard to give products an official look that appeals to customers. It is very important to choose label rolls that will meet your requirements.

Price Gun Labels

Price label guns

The most popular brands include Monarch and Garvey with different characteristics including printing information details in three lines. The details put on the labels include the price of the item, date of manufacture, and codes. When selecting a price gun, choose one relatively light and compact to make use easier. A user-friendly gun allows straightforward operations when more than one person is to handle the gun. Invest in a well-made and durable gun that will withstand regular business operations.

Price tagging guns don’t use adhesive labels but rely on a needle for inserting plastic barb into an item. This works well for operations where sticky labels would not be appropriate such as clothing and upholstery goods. Choose a price-tagging gun with a needle to suit your purposes. A larger needle is ideal for larger items but not suitable for fine fabrics.

Using labels in the business

Just as the name suggests, pricing guns bring out neatly typed price gun labels. These tell customers and cashier the cost of various items. The details are printed on label rolls inserted in the pricing gun. Therefore, you have to stock enough label rolls to meet your business requirements. It is obvious that busier stores need more label rolls than a fashion boutique. Below are the various uses of labels to help determine how long a label roll might last.

Product pricing

The nature of pricing on the products determines how fast the label roll goes. For labels that only need the price of the product, the label rolls are likely to last longer. This is because a little piece is required to show the price. However, some stores need a label with a price and bar code included. The price helps customers while the bar code allows easy identification by the cashier. It allows the cashier to crosscheck the accuracy of the price and to confirm whether the label is on the right item. This means using more pieces of the label and the roll moving faster.

Special details of a product

Labels that include special details about products need more label rolls. Perhaps the product has a special discount. This information might be embedded in the bar code or on the label. This allows customers to realize the extra benefit of choosing that particular item over others. However, this will cost the store owner more label rolls. However, the cost of the labels is covered by the boost in sales from the discount.

Adding expiry dates

Some products need to be consumed in a particular pan of time. These usually include food items like eggs and meats. The expiry date should be visible to customers and is placed on the product label. This allows the customer to tell whether the item is still good for consumption. It also allows the store management to get products off the shelves that can no longer be consumed by customers. The storeowner has to stock enough label rolls for such purpose.

Proof of quality control standards

Product labels are important to show proof that the products have been checked and passed quality control standards. This might require stating the information in more than one language non-English speaking customers. The larger the label size, the more rolls are required to place labels on the items in the store.

Place of manufacture

Some products need more information for customers including the place of manufacture, quality, and batch number. This information allows batch tracking and checking for defects. It allows manufacturers to pinpoint faults in a defective batch. This allows the manufacturer to recall the defective batch from the market and for customer reimbursements. Using labels with such details requires more rolls than labels with just the price.

Bottom line

Apart from product price, labels offer various purposes to meet business requirements. Therefore, it’s essential to purchase enough label rolls that will meet business needs.

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