How long does Heroin stay in your urine

Heroin addiction can be fatal for anyone and everyone. In most of the countries, selling heroin is prohibited by law. It affects the health of the user severely. Heroin abuse can lead to the death of the individual. The effects of heroin can last anywhere for a few minutes to a few hours. However, the drug may well stay in the system for the consumer for quite a prolonged time level. The end of Heroin High need not necessarily prove the complete elimination of this fatal drug from the internal system. Rather, the traces of this drug can be still found in the urine even after a long period from the day someone last consumed it.

How is Heroin formed?

Heroin is a highly addictive drug and regarded as a direct derivative of opium poppy pod. One the pods start to mature, they are scored to bring out the resins. These resins are dyed on the surface and then the pods are also harvested. Post this, the dried sap is perfectly scraped from them. You must keep in mind that this compound tends to become as potent as with time. Slowly, it goes through the refining process and then transformed into morphine. Once done, then it would take not much time to convert the morphine into the heroin. You will find many different forms of heroin available in the market. They are mostly been cut with some other product. What this does is affect the quality of the drug. It results in decreasing the potency while expanding the batches of the drugs to make it more profitable while ensuring better and larger supplies.

How long will heroin stay in your system?

The amount of time heroine would stay in your system will definitely depend on several factors.

Heroin is a highly addictive opiate drug. It does not have to apply much of effort in entering your bloodstream. Rather, once consumed, it would take just a few minutes to enter the bloodstream and would be accumulated by the fat tissues of the body really fast. Once the fat tissues accumulate heroin, the drug would enjoy a steady process in entering the bloodstream. This clearly indicates the fact that the system would be able to hold on to this drug (even, if it happens to be in traces) for a considerably longer period. Also, it may not be always identifiable when performed the drug tests. Such a scenario is mostly possible because this drug has a very short half-life. As a result, it could be hardly detected in the body fluids after 5-6 hours of last consumption. Therefore, a urine test may not be able to detect the presence of heroin after the mentioned period. However, you can undergo hair follicle test to detect the presence of heroin traces in your body even after a long gap, say some months and years!

According to medical research groups, heroin can be detected in a urine test if the test is conducted within a maximum period of two days from the moment the drug is last consumed.

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