Withdrawal from opiates such as heroin is generally one of the more unpleasant withdrawal processes. When thinking how long does it take to detox from heroin, it is good to have a basic understanding on what to expect during detox so a person can be more mentally prepared during their first steps of recovery.

Every recovery varies from one individual to another depending on factors. Some individuals might be able to go through detox in an outpatient setting while others might need more attention such as a medically monitored detox. During a medical detox a person is closely monitored with medication as symptoms ramp up. Some symptoms can include muscle aches, nausea, fever and headaches. Various medications can help alleviate this process. Other types of medications such as naltrexone help control cravings and helps with the desire to want the drug and help with relapse prevention.

Once the detox process has passed the next step to heroin addiction treatment would be to attend an outpatient or inpatient program depending on the severity of the addiction.

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