It’s too long if you aren’t getting any interviews at all. If nothing is changing for you, or moving forward in any measurable way, then you must do something differently.

Remember: what’s the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result.

The job search is a sales process in which YOU are the product. If a product isn’t selling well, what does the manufacturer do? They make it “new and improved.” They do something to change it to make it more appealing to the buyer. And then they change their marketing campaign to reflect those changes and aggressively go after their market.

For example, think about Domino’s pizza. Not too long ago, Domino’s was not doing well. They had a poor reputation and were at the bottom of an already shrinking pizza market in the middle of a recession–not a recipe for success. So what did they do? They bet everything on a brand-new recipe, advertised it with a brand-new campaign, and not only is it going to keep them in business, it’s looking to me like it’s going to make them flourish. It was a brave move, and it worked.

So what does this mean for your job search? If your pizza isn’t selling, it’s not the kind of pizza hiring managers are looking for. Throw that stuff out and come up with something they’re going to want. If you’re not getting interviews now, you’ve got no risk at all in changing it up: get a brand-new resume, try a new style, or try a new strategy.

Specifically, you need to pinpoint what your weakness is and shore that up. Find a professional to help you. It may seem like too much of an investment, especially if you’re out of work, but think about how much money you’re losing by not having a job.

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