Your ex will not miss you one bit if you stay in his/her sight looking miserable and sad. The answer to the above question depends on how quickly and effectively you do the following things. Read on and find out, but more importantly implement what you read.

Get back on your feet
The only option left for you is to get up and fight the depression. If you throw in the towel and keep moping no one will ever miss you. No one likes losers; so, get up pick up the pieces and put the past behind you.

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Get yourself a new and different look
You very well know why he/she ditched you and now you have to make them repent for doing so. The best way forward is by getting yourself a new and fabulous body. Join a fitness center and start rigorous workouts that will transform your body and your skin. Also change the way you dress and do up your hair.

Now disappear
When your ex sees you again he/she should be astonished at the transformation. Once he/she has had an eyeful you will have to make them pine for you, and for that you will have to do a disappearing act. Go off to some place for a few weeks and your ex will start longing to see you once again.

Be seen with a new guy/girl
Comeback with a bang; announce your arrival by surprising your ex with a new partner on your arm. Your ex will now certainly rue the fact that he/she left you hastily. Now it is his/her turn to do all the pleading and begging.

Have a great life
Now you have to start teasing your ex with your newfound zest for life. Start partying and having fun and more importantly do it in the presence of your ex. He/she will now begin to miss you more than they ever did.

Remind your ex what they are missing
To make matters worse for your ex start doing things to your new partner what you once did to your ex. For example, if you had a particular way of holding your ex, then do it with your new partner in your ex's presence. If you had a signature style of hugging then do that and make them miss you even more.

Achieve success
Focus your attention on achieving something that your ex always wanted you to. Take your professional life seriously and achieve success. When you do this he/she will miss you like never before.

It goes without saying that all this will not happen immediately but if you keep working on it the results will soon become evident.

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The breakup has been pretty recent and the feelings of hurt, bitterness and even anger may still be there. Don't try to push your luck or be aggressive right now. Instead it pays to be patient and sensitive. If he is still hurting it proves that he still cares for you. These tips will assist you in making him miss you dreadfully.

Have patience and give him time
Time heals the greatest pain and hurt. You will have to give him time to get over the bitterness of the past. It is good that he is hurting because it shows that he still has feelings for you even if they are mixed up at the present. All you have to do is wait for some time and then try to make him realize that he still needs you around.

Look like a million bucks
If he thought that you looked gorgeous when he first met you, make him shocked and stunned at the change in you. All you have to do is look better than ever and remind him of how alluring, sexy and beautiful you can be. Make sure your manner and attitudes match your looks!

Look like you want to move on
Even as you notice him giving you the "looks" you were used to in the past, don't be in too much of a hurry to show him that you want him back. On the other hand, look like you are ready to move on and make a whole lot of new friends. The more he sees you looking like you do and in the company of other guys, the more he will dread the thought of you being snapped up!

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Join a dance class or an adventure club
Let him know that you have joined an adventure club and have a whole lot of exciting things to do with some amazing new friends, or signed up for some dance classes where you think that the instructor was "dreamy"! Seeing you infused with new confidence and independence will make him want you again.

Be seen with new friends
The moment he sees you with new friends, he will always wonder if there is someone who will catch you and you will be lost to him forever! This will also make him know that you are not willing to wait around with a broken heart any longer but that you are ready to go on - more mature, attractive and happy. He will begin to miss you a lot when he notices this.

Don't break the fragile thread that still binds you
Whatever you do, no matter how much you ignore him to teach him a lesson, don't go too far away and break the fragile thread that still binds the two of you together. Be careful not to over do things that may put him off you forever. Remind him of the good times you had and make him miss you.

Refer to the good times in the past
Once you notice that he is curious about you then all you have to do is make him think of the great times you spent together. Send him a card or letter on his Birthday telling him how much you appreciate what he did to make you a better person. By being sincere and genuine you will pave the way for him to get back to you.

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If you are trying to get your ex back by bombarding him with your desperate calls and messages it is no wonder he is fed up with you and is trying to push you away! You have got it all wrong and need to change your tactics. Here is how you do that.

Don't push for a reconciliation
Don't push or force him into coming back into your life. This makes him think that you are trying to control him all over again. He needs his space and you have to learn to respect that. If he feels that he is being threatened no longer and is being given a fair chance to make up his mind, he will be more open to communicating with you.

Try not to make him even angrier than he is
You have to be sensitive to the circumstances and situation that surrounds you at present. Remember that there is a lot of hurting and bitterness that surrounds you and your ex and these won't go away for a while. If you are trying to goad him to get back with you while he is still struggling to recover from the breakup then he will begin to hate you even more.

Boost his ego in a subtle manner
Use your charm and your intuition to work things out to your advantage. Boost his ego and make him feel good. Surrender your will and attitudes and make sure that you let him know that you have no hard feelings and are ready to forgive him completely. This will make him less reluctant to get back with you.

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Prove that he needs you around
There were so many things you did for him in the past and he is bound to be missing your personal touch in his life. If you can get him to remember these good things that existed between you, you have better chances of reconciliation. Keep the doors of communication wide open and he will fall for it.

Get into a new friends circle
Even while you subtly let him know that you don't hate him at all and in fact are willing to talk things over make sure that you don't look too desperate to have him back in your life. You can do this by making a lot of new friends and making him notice that you are not that available any more!

Don't sit at home - go out with others
It is very important that you don't sit at home moping and hoping that he has a guilty conscience and comes back to you. On the contrary go out and enjoy yourself. If he witnesses you having a wonderful time, he is bound to realize that you won't remain single for long and that he could lose you forever.

Pretend you are on the verge of getting hitched
A flash of a diamond ring on your finger may not really mean that you are engaged, but will make him think that you are! If he still has feelings for you he will want to know for sure and will do all he can to find out the truth. See what it takes to make him realize that he is still in love with you and do it!

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Even though you broke up, you realize that the feelings are still there and you still love your ex and want them back. Wouldn't it be nice if your ex too feels the same, but how are you to know? There are many things that can tell you if your ex wants you back, read the simple tips to get your answers.

They communicate with you regularly
Without any encouragement from you your ex has started to communicate with you, they call you frequently, send mails or messages; all this show that they think about you and want you back.

He/she is in no hurry and lingers on
They are in no great hurry to end the call and it is you who makes an attempt to end. They repeat your name or address you endearingly, saying dear, honey and so on which shows their great interest in wanting you back.

Your ex shares every detail of his/her life
Your ex wants you back if they continue talking about themselves and what is happening in their life. They want you to know if they have joined any classes or gym or whatever they are involved in.

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They are interested to know if you are seeing someone
Your ex wants to know everything that is happening in your life and try to find out who you are seeing; if there is anyone in your life.

You find your ex wherever you go
You happen to see your ex at the parties, clubs or wherever you are all the time. You find that they look really good and find them taking care of their appearances when ever you see them. It is as if they are trying to impress you to get you back.

They seek your opinion
Your ex wants you back if they want your opinion before any major decision they take, by doing this they want you to know how much they value you. If they have got a new job you are the first one to know, or if there is an achievement they want to share it with you, all these are the signs that your ex wants you back.

Your ex is honest with his/her feelings
Your ex looks into your eyes and tells you that he/she loves you and misses you and wants you back. They are ready to admit where they went wrong in the relationship and show that they have changed for the better to give the relationship another chance.

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