How Long Will Your Penis Grow: Genuine Penis Enlargement

There are so many people who want to make their penises bigger and longer through surgery. This is the fastest way on how to increase penile size in the aim of giving so much sexual excitement to women. However, it has always been a quest for me on how to make my penis longer without surgery.

Surgery may be the fastest way to make the penis size grow bigger and have firmer erections. But, I would love to choose natural ways to do this. There are many natural methods for penis enhancement that would not involve surgery. Surgery can become really expensive because you need to pay doctors and then you will be given some medications after the operation.

What can you do to make your penis bigger? Is it possible to increase the size of your penis?

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This is the reason why natural methods of penis enlargement would be a great option for me. One of the great ways is to take supplements. Herbal supplements are proven to safe and effective in making the penile size huger so that I can have the full potential to make my lover moan with so much pleasure in bed as I plunge my huge penis down to her vagina.

Creams and penis pumps as well as ointments are good options too. These may take a little amount of time to increase the size of the penis but these products can do wonders when it comes to having a bigger penis powerful enough to make women happy. As women would see the big penis that you have, you can see smiles on their faces suggesting that they want to have an intimate and sexual moment with you.

The best method to make the penis grow longer without having to undergo any surgical procedures is through exercise. Exercises like stretching, clamping, jelqing, squeezing, and pulling of the penis are proven to be very effective in making the penile size to grow longer, bigger, and thicker.

These exercises can even boost stamina so that men can stand longer during sexual intercourse allowing you and your partner to enjoy sex and make it very memorable. In fact, these exercises for the penis do not only enhance the size of the sex organ, but these are also some of the effective ways on how to solve impotency and premature ejaculation problems of men.

There is no need to undergo the painful process of penile surgeries in order to please women in bed. In my case, I would choose to use natural ways on how to make my penis longer without surgery. After all, aiming to have an enjoyable sex should be fun and not a struggle.

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Just like you, I was considering penis exercises at one point. I was not sure about where to start or how to begin as there was a lot of scattered information on the Internet. I was a little skeptical about following amateur you tube videos or following instructions from unknown sites that did not seem to have a lot of credibility.

This is when I started to research the Internet for more solid information.

First of all, are they safe?

This was one of my biggest concerns about exercising the penis as it was not something I was familiar with. After reading through scores of information, I was convinced that these exercises were safe as long they were done following quality instructions. The only word of caution that most sources gave were that a warm up was important and that it should not be ignored.

Which instruction to follow?

There are a whole lot of reviews of popular programs such as Penis Advantage/Health, Massive Member, Giant Johnson, Penile secrets and so on. Most of the reviews are however sales pitches. When you search for reviews, it can be easy to tell if it is just a sales pitch if you cannot find any information suggesting that the author bought the product. Read a review that provides solid information about the program. It should give details on what exactly the program offers, how long does it take, how many different types of exercises and so on.

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I was in fact unable to find a single solid review anywhere and decided to risk it and buy the program from the website that was the most popular in terms of traffic ratings.

What was the program like?

A penis exercise program will require you to devote 6-8 minutes of your time in a day, 5 times a week for eight weeks. If you are not willing to set aside this time, you should not try penis exercises, it is as simple as that. However, if you are sincere and stick to the exercise schedule that you get from a professional provider, you will start seeing gains as early as your second week. A gain of at least 1 inch is very probable for most people.

The most impressive part about exercising is that they result in permanent gains which you can keep without having to exercise forever. The program that I tried also provided some simple kegel exercises that were great for erection strengthening and controlling my ejaculation.

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Do you want to enjoy a better sex life? If you really want to do so, then perhaps the answer is getting the right penis girth. A recent study performed by "Psychology Today" interviewed nearly 1,500 women and asked them what type of penis they preferred. Interestingly, most women answered that they would rather be with a man who had a thicker penis girth.

The average penis girth for an adult human is 4.9 inches according to surveys conducted by condom companies. Penis girth for many men is far more important than the length of their member for some of the following reasons.

1. A penis with good girth fills the vagina a lot tighter than a thin or normal sized member, causing sex to be much more pleasurable for the man as the vagina firmly squeezes the penis which has greater than average penis girth.

2. A member with good girth also makes sex for the female more pleasurable for the same reason as the walls of her vagina are forced to expand and contract thus giving her more pleasure.

3. When the penis has above average penis girth, it also rubs on the clitoris located just outside the vagina thus causing simultaneous external stimulation. Clitoral stimulation is one of the best ways to make a woman orgasm.

4. The G spot for the woman is much more aroused when the shaft has good girth. The G spot is a spot on the upper side only two inches inside the vagina. Penis length plays no part in stimulating this spot while a thick shaft can constantly rub against it thus causing immense pleasure.

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Take the dollar bill test to find out if you have average penis girth.

The US Dollar bill is 6.14 inches in length. Wrap the bill around the center of your shaft when it is fully erect. If it wraps around tightly or does not meet, you must already be experiencing all the benefits of good girth mentioned above. If it is wraps around very easily with a lot of slack, you have a lot of potential to enjoy much more pleasurable sex and also be able to pleasure your lover a lot more.

As an individual ages, the body's cell start to die and because of this some of our body parts shrink in size. This is true when we age without any training. The penis suffers from the same problem due to the fact that it is unable to replenish the tissue cells at the pace it used to do in younger days. This implies that our penis girth can shrink as much as one inch in size as you grow older. As unfortunate as it may sound, loads of individuals out there are not aware about the natural methods to increase their girth size. As a result, they are unable to satisfy their partner as they grow older. Those who already do not have good girth size suffer the most. Most of us are well aware of the fact that one's inability to satisfy one's partner in the bed can affect other aspects of life as well.

Fortunately, there are many ways to increase penis girth without spending hundreds and thousands of dollars. The key over here is to have good knowledge on how to increase one's penis girth. Specific targeted exercises can bring about accelerated gains in penis girth in addition to gains in length. As a matter of fact, penis girth enhancement exercises are a safe and affordable solution to a larger penis girth. Just imagine the benefits of having both a larger and thicker penis and the wonders it could do for your sex life.

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Bothered that your penis is not as big as you want it to be? What can you do to add size to your manhood? To date, there have been a number of inventions aimed at helping men improve the state of their male organ, ranging from extender tools, enlargement pumps, to enhancement pills. But one age-old method which has successfully helped guys achieve a bigger sized manhood is by doing some simple exercises on your penis... using nothing but your hands!

Most men however are pretty much unaware of this particular technique of enhancing ones manhood. All along they have been told that making the male organ grow bigger is difficult, and it requires the help of some scientifically developed gadgets or medications to achieve it. So they end up paying hundreds to thousands of dollars on these fancy tools and pills.

But the truth of the matter is, penis exercising IS a medically proven method to gain some size to your manhood!

It only takes several simple exercising routines - mostly stretching and massaging actions - which you can easily perform in the comfort and privacy of your room. So easy are the routines involved that you only need to sacrifice about 20 to 30 minutes of free time each morning to properly do the exercises on your penis.

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What the exercises do is to basically increase the amount of blood which your penis stores within its main blood chambers. With more blood accumulating in the 2 main chambers, the tissues within your male organ expand even more, creating a physical gain in the size of your penis. Even better, the increase in size is known to last permanently in your lifetime!

So how do you exactly do these enlargement exercises on your penis? Here is one simple exercise routine which you can start practising from today on:

1. Bring your penis down to its flaccid state

2. Hold the penis head with your fingers

3. Gradually pull your organ away from you, feeling the stretch at the base of your shaft

4. Keep your penis in a stretched position for about 15 seconds before letting go

5. Relax your organ, then repeat the same routine several more times

6. Vary the direction of your stretch for each repetition

It is evident enough that exercising your manhood is absolutely easy to do. Now that medical experts have endorsed penis exercising as an effective method to enlarge your penis, you should definitely give it a try today!

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