Hi Frndzz, this is my first article n I hope you will like it. Before starting anything I just want to tell you about my motive. I want to tell you guys about the best age of falling in love; this is especially for teenagers and their parents. It’s better to understand by taking an example .this is short real life story of a young dashing, smart and intelligent boy .his name is Kabir Gupta (changed). He was a bright student until before he falls in love in wrong age. he was passed out his tenth class exams with 80%marks .And you guys will be amazed by knowing that he had scored just 41% marks in 11th class. He was trapped in attraction of a girl named Nadia Sharma. In starting after seeing her he just think about her day and night. Then he decided to go and say her that he likes her, but the girl just ignored him. Foolishly he don’t even understand that the girl just don’t like her and she teases her by starring him regularly in school, colony etc. And he thinks that she likes and thought there must be some reason that she ignored him firstly. Then there is a new phase in his life he starts to think that maybe there is lack of bike, mobile, and money so the girl ignored him. Then he started pushing her mother that he wants a bike and a mobile when her middle class mother says no .He just says lots of rubbish things to her mother something like “why you borned me if you don’t have money “n lots of things which any mother can’t hear e specially his mother (his father was killed 12years back in a accident, and her mother had a job of a government teacher in a village who walks nearly 5 kilometers a day she is just living for her kids not marrying again instead she is beautiful). Then he goes to the girl again and the girl just says to her “fuck off dude”. He still loves her a lot and thinks he will get her. But now there is a big emotional gap between him and her mother. One day he comes to me and I advised him to study a lot .be respectful to his mother, become a big man with his own efforts and go to her if she ignores you again besides your love just forget about her ,and you will understand that she was a bitch who don’t loves you at all. And now he is living a satisfied life…………………………..Now coming back to you people this is what love is all about in teenage , in this case this is one sided ,but in teenage two sided love is also not so permanent ,it just diverts students concentration from studies ,his\her family members, friends and their beloved. He\She just only think about their lovers. ………………….now what’s a best age to love the love can happen all of a sudden in any age but waiting till 21”s or career settlement before implementing on love is best choice. After that you will have sufficient time to give to your lover as well as to your rest well wishers .And mainly you will have some pennies to spend on your love .I also have a request to parents please don’t underestimate their kids love but advise them to wait ………………………….wait for the best and appropriate time to fall in love. Giving an example………………………..Bye…..: )

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I m Ankit Ghiya .A 18 year old boy .Or you can say a teenager. I had done secondary with 80% marks . now recently I had given higher secondary exams.I m an Indian.