Testosterone has a great significance on masculinity, although it is present in both genders. For instance it determines a man's sex drive, musculature, bone density, red blood cell synthesis, and even fat accumulation in the body. That is why low levels of testosterone in men can invite a host of health problems; and result a substantial drop in quality of life.

Unfortunately, the levels of this hormone in the body go down with age. However, there are other reasons some men experience low testosterone levels. Also, some of them naturally have low levels of this hormone in their bodies.

Effects of Low Testosterone Levels in Men Poor Quality Sex Life

One of the most significant impacts of low levels of testosterone in men is sexual dysfunction, usually characterized by low sex drive and low libido. In fact, inadequate amounts of testosterone in a man’s body can even cause erectile dysfunction and bring about infertility. Needless to say, such effects can significantly affect the quality of a man’s romantic relationship.

Emotional Problems

A number of emotional issues can also occur when a man’s testosterone levels go down. For instance, after a significant drop in their testosterone levels, some men end up dealing with depression. Others generally feel a lack of well being. Some of these men also tend to have a hard time focusing or using their memory. Irritability is also a common problem among men with reduced testosterone levels. This array of emotional set backs can result in significant negative effects on their personal and work life.

Sleep Problems

With low amounts of testosterone in men, sleep problems may also set in. In particular, such men might have problems getting a good night’s sleep. For some, regular sleep patterns get disrupted. With others, insomnia might occur. These sleep issues occur in spite of the fact that below average levels of testosterone can result in increased fatigue and feelings of exhaustion.

Reduced Muscle and Bone Health

General physical health is also affected when testosterone levels go down. In some men, increase in fat may be witnessed in their bodies. Similarly, muscle mass might also go down with a decline in testosterone levels.

The negative impact of inadequate amounts of testosterone also extends to the bones, which become more fragile and weaker. Hair loss can also set in. There are even men who have to deal with hot flashes and tender and inflamed breast tissue. Additionally, reduced levels of cholesterol have been shown to cause an increase in fatigue and have a negative impact on cholesterol levels.


Low levels of testosterone can be addressed to help men get back their lives and their health. One of the solutions at their disposal is hormone replacement therapy (HRT). Such solutions help restore normal testosterone levels in the body, and that usually reverses the negative effects of low testosterone levels discussed above.

Nevertheless, before considering any such interventions, it is important to first speak to a doctor about it. With the advice of a qualified professional, you can know what the best cause of action might be for you if you are struggling with unusually low levels of testosterone in your body.

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